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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Get Your Civil War On # 2

(clicking pictures makes them bigger and more legible)

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Brian Hughes said...

Haw! These are great! Did you do them?

carla said...

These are full of awesome. Please keep this up!
Come tomorrow, we'll need 'em.

Spencer Carnage said...

Brian: Yep. While everyone else was out Christmas shopping last month, I was photoshopping and writing tasteless jokes about Civil War 6 months too late.

Carla: Thank you. I probably have another week or so of this to tend us over until issue 6.

kyle said...

cool heroes? pro reg? where? i certainly didnt see it. all i saw was a lot of dissenters, a lot of neutrals, and tony got the leftovers. and then when you read the individual titles, almost all his crew are like "i know i regged but i dont like it and kinda wish i could take it back".

Anonymous said...

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