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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Indestructible Art, Ep 27

Hello, everybody!

I read some comics but instead of blogging about them, I recorded another episode of Indestructible Art with some friends and talked about them there.

Git some!

Indestructible Art is a podcast where we discuss the latest and greatest in video games and comic books. In this episode we talked about some of the books we read, like Avengers Vs. X-men Saga, the recently announced Morrison-Con and DC's Trinity War, plus a bunch of stuff about video games I am a little clueless about. Fez sounds like an awesome game. You should play it. I should play it.

Doing the Indestructible Art podcast is a lot of fun because getting together to talk about games and comics, provides us the opportunity to also riff on all sorts of stuff like Kickstarter gone wrong and Gelatinous Cubes.

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And if you stick around HERE, you might actually get some more of my patented comic book criticism. Things have been busy all around but I'm still here, hating on the crappy comics that I can't stop buying.

I'm actually kind of dreading it.

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