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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is reading The Invisibles at your cubicle at work, grounds for sexual harassment?

Ok, so there is no post about Spider-man as the everyday hero and why you're not escaping hard enough simply because I can't be hassled to scan a bunch of pictures from the Longshot trade. Yes, that's what the post was about; Longshot. Basically, it was going to espouse upon the action movie hero X-man with luck powers that was dug by all the chicks and looked like David Bowie from The Labryinth. It was light and fun and full of sarcasm, but all in all, a colossal waste of time when it comes to scanning. Reading the trade was a waste of time as well. Talking about it now? Wasting my time.

You know what is really, really good that I haven't heard anyone really talking about? The Exterminators. I'm throwing my hat into the ring of people that like, no, LOVE The Exterminators. For $10 a pop, you will get 5 solid issues of grossed out weirdness that will have you remembering the hey day of Vertigo's comics. Considering this is Simon Oliver's first writing gig, its is absolutely astounding how amazing and captivating this book is. Sprinkle a lit bit of Tony Moore on top of all of it and you have one happy Spencer. Let's not forget all those other people with names that I can't remember right now for inking, coloring, lettering and editing that fine book.

Buy the book, ride it twice, and go back and pick up the monthlies. Good comics like this deserve your $. Let's not forget the podcast from those good boys over at Comic Geek Speak which really is what sold me on The Exterminators. For reasons not worth explaining, I'm in a position right now that doesn't no allow me to get the direct link to the podcast and I may even have the actual address for the Comic Geek Speak website wrong. If so, get off your lazy ass and Google it.

This might be wrong of me to say, but I didn't really enjoy the new All Star Superman all that much. It was good, it just wasn't for me. Luthor is an interesting as villians can be and Morrison and Quietly did such a bang up job on showing us what makes their Luthor tick, but something just didn't quite stick with me. I felt like I was just passing some time and yes, that double page spread with stairs was a lovely touch, reminding us all of how great Quitely and Morrison can be, however it just came down to an "Ok" issue when everything was said and done. Unlike most of the bloggers out there, I am a not a huge DC fan so maybe my genetics were at fault as why I could not appreciate it as much as the rest of you did. Then again, the first three issues(And only the first three. # 4 didn't strike me as anything astounding, simply because Jimmy Olsen didn't seem like Jimmy Olsen to me so much as he seemed like some kind of glorified nerd-turned-superstar.) were great. Maybe its a matter of just not being the best comic I read this past weekend.

What comic is that? Carey and Bachalo's X-men # 190. Yeah, that was like, um......wow. When I think about that issue, the faux-critic in me wants to say things like "hyper-kinetic", "visually striking", "alluringly compelling", and "this is how X-men comics should be: uber explosively good." Marvel, you can write that on the back of the trade dress if you want, just so long as you credit it to the "Redheaded Adonis." Its a motley bunch of X-characters running around, either beating up or getting beat on, and quite frankly, that's how it should be. The mysterious villian that we know only that "is neither human nor mutant" is a tired bit, but impressions on that can definitely change once we find out more.

Of all three X-men books out there right now, Mike Carey is on the top. Brubaker's X-men has promise, but is starting to look like a glove that doesn't quite fit. And Whedon's run is so completely mired in nostalgia that its almost masturbatory, with only the parts involving S.W.O.R.D. standing out. If only Carey would stay, but it wouldn't be an X-men book if there already was changings in the wind such...

And are those rumors of there going to be only two X-men team books with Millar and Brubaker at the helm true at all? Speaking of which, who is/are the new X-men editor(s)? Could it be the same two writers? Let's just hope they put Bachalo on a decent book when they cancel his title.

While you're contemplating that last little bit of possible rumor mongering, go listen to some Annuals. The track "Brother" will rock your face off.

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