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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The last sensible person on Earth to read Chris Ware

This is great. Thanks to Boing Boing, who were pointing those amazing Chris Ware New Yorker Thanksgiving Covers, they also pointed out this absolutely hilarious cover for the Virginia Quarterly Review. My favorite is Coleridge on Opium, followed by the back and forth with Sterne and Johnson. That aside, I have never read any of Ware's stuff. I've seen the book on the racks. I went to the art show earlier this year. I've even expressed interest in reading his stuff, however I just never picked it up. My friend Tony has a book or two that I could easily borrow, but I just never got around to it. Any suggestions on where I should start?

Check out some art from Lucy Knisley (pronounced "nigh-zlee"). Here comics are hilarious and her illustrations make me jealous. Why can't I be this good? Just because I only draw once every 4 months, why is that a reason that I can't bust like Lucy can bust? Regardless, this made me fall in love, only for the simple reason that if Lucy and I were take up a relationship that involved copulation, I could easily use excuses like "I can't help the fact that I'm stuck with extensive knowledge of the Marvel Universe crowding the parts of my brain that should be used for good!" when I forget things like anniversaries, birthdays, and what not.

And yes, this picture makes me jealous:

Huh. Me jealous of a girl for a reason that DOESN'T involve unfettered access to female breasts. Interesting.

Happy Tofurkey Day!

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