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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Civil what?

Miss me? 'Cause I missed yoooooooouuuuuuu! Really, though. Not much in the way of serious and/or funny comic book discussion going on around here, because I am knee deep in writing essasys about DRM and psycho killers (ba-ba-ba-bah..ba-ba-bah, bah, bah...) so don't be getting all uppity on my ass, 'kay?

I went to the Secret Headquarters comic shop in Silverlake for Jordan Crane's art opening just before Halloween. Mr. Crane's art was just as great as the tiny little shop that showcased it (my first visit there). He's got a very simple, comic-strip style that explodes with enough added detail just when its needed. My favorites of the showcased work were two separate series: one involving a lone figure in peril (hanging out of a burning building or being thrown about in a cyclone) and another of women in various states of destructive despair. I think my appreciation for the last set had something to do for the love of a woman's tush, but I may be wrong. I did pick up a copy of his new floppy, Uptight, which was drawn very well, however, I'll be damned if I got anything from the story itself. Dang independent comic books....I also picked up his The Clouds Above from First Second Books which was a fun little read that could easily translate into a great 70s cartoon ala A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. If I ever become a bazillionaire, one of the many tax write offs that I'll kick around will be an animation studio just so things like The Clouds Above can make their way on to the Silver Screen like they rightfully should.

All in all, it was a good art show that was followed up by kick ass pumpkin carving at my good friend Jessica's house. Where her boyfriend was all "yo! check out this Spidey face I did!", I came out it like a true Avant Garde, utilizing the full power of the medium. The result?

The Spirit Of Vengeance himself, the Ghost Rider!

Do you feel bad for that time you picked up 7 issues of Youngblood # 1? That's because the Ghost Rider is giving you the penance stare, making you relive all the crappy things you do! Yes, I understand that this is soooooo last month, however, if Chris Sims can post about Christmas 4 months out of the year, I can give you a little belated Halloween love.

Little Known Fact About Spencer Carnage: That was the first time EVER that I carved a pumpkin. Self High Five!

That guy who does that book about a guy called Scott Pilgrim has got me wishing that I had more money to spend on comics. Lately, I've been finding myself leaning more towards the artsy fartsy indie set, hence the reason I made my way out to see Jordan Crane's show. Looking at the Bodega site, I see things from various different companies like the Recidivist, 676 Apparitions of Killoffer, Frankenstein Now And Forever and Stacks that probably won't make their way into my loving arms anytime soon. Yes, that is a tear in my eye. Thank you for noticing. Until then, I'll go back and reread my Pulphope Ashcan and salivate over Paul Pope's pouty lips and ice cream cones.

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