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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Other Blogs That Died So That This Blog Could Live

The Dive/The Backroom/Lou's Joint/The Watering Hole/Generic Bar Name Goes Here

I was bartending for a few months last year and decided what the internet needed was a blog dedicated to superheroes and booze. Posts would include scans from comics that involve bar scenes, drinking, and Tony Stark. Also, there would be a weekly feature where a new drink would be introduced that was named after super heroes and their powers. Like most new, obscurely named cocktails, these drinks would be nothing more than variations on existing ones or simply staples that have been renamed to suit my blogging needs. From what I can remember, there was the Speedball, which was zodka, red bull and blue curacao with some sliced baby oranges floating in it, and the J.J. Jameson, a scotch and water. Clever, huh?

Best Pull Ever!

Just like Vh1's best week ever, but replace all those crappy comedians with folks like a cracker hating Falcon, a blinged out H.E.R.B.I.E., Ms. Marvel being all catty, and Starthief, talking about whatever came out that week. More of a web comic than a blog, really. Lots of potential for dumb ass comedic moments, however I don't read enough comics nor have enough time to photoshop the whole thing together. Plus, I'm probably not as funny as I think I am. Somewhere on my hard drive there is a rough script for a year end wrap up that I would LOVE to do at the end of '06, but I make no promises whatsoever.

KSPR World News

Just like the above blog idea, but instead of heroes and villians cracking wise on what happened that week, faux investigative journalism starring news reporters from the comics you love. Still snarky, but not so in your face about it. Just use some reporters from old comic panels and throw them in there with a microphone, reporting the top stories like the death of Bill Foster or the spotting of a naked Wolverine out in California. Its weird because its was way funny in my head until I just typed out this post.

Last, but not least...Forsooth, Rampage!

Since his death in Ragnarok, it was only natural that Thor would eventually be reincarnated and start a blog that focused on the rantings of fanboys online ALA Fanboy Rampage. I even started it up for a few days only to discover that not even Thor, the wielder of the mighty Mjolnir, was up for the task. Graeme should get paid lots of money for trolling around the message boards like he does. Personally, I think I went a little overboard with the Thor-isms. But then again, that was kind of point, I guess.

Uh huh.

Well, guys, its been swell talking with you all! See ya next time!

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