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Monday, June 18, 2007

Heroes Con & WW Philly: Wrap it up!

Last post I was talking about doing a run down of this past weekend with all news from Heroes Con and WW Philly, separating most of the crap into their related editorial camps. One post, we talk about all things X. The next post, its WWH-related! Well, that was an idiotic idea because of the things they announced, I don't really give a damn about most of them, so....

I'll ramble while you read, alright? Okay.

Out of the Spider-man related announcements, the most interesting one is the cancellation of all the ancillary Spidey titles and making Amazing Spider-man a title that comes out three times a month. You sneaky bastards, Marvel Comics....making us fans buy Friendly Neighborhood and Sensational when we only want to read Amazing....just prey on our completist tendencies, why don'cha! Heaven forbid there should be a gap in my collection where Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa's not so great Spidey story takes place for the month! What are they going to do next?! Put Wolverine and Spider-man in every comic so that I have no choice put to buy them all!?!

That would be sheer fucking madness!

And can we stop talking about how a married Spider-man screws up the character? Go read Kraven's Last Hunt to get an idea of what a married Spider-man should be like. The idea that a bunch of 40+ year old men sitting around huge tables at creator summits and discussing ways to make Peter Parker single again in order to recapture that soap opera element that the book had when they were all kids is sad and depressing and will only lead to God awful stories that no one wants to read. Step away from the Retcon button and just deal with the fact that Spider-man has to swing to the super market every now and then to pick up some feminine products for MJ. Okay? Thank you.

Did you catch that part about how there's a Brian K. Vaughan and Eduardo Risso Wolverine Mini coming out? I would love to see an Eduardo Risso Wolverine. And Brian K. Vaughan just might give us back the Wolverine that we all deserve. Its only a mini, but damn, it'll probably all kinds of great.

Let's talk about Skrulls! Just read New Avengers # 31 and it wasn't all that bad. Bringing Jessica Jones and the baby into the mix like that seems pretty stupid, but its too soon to really say. At this panel, Bendis fields the usual stupid comics that a story like this will raise. Me, I just want a good story. Bendis is capable of those from time to time, so here's to hoping that this current path we're on does not give me ulcers.

The one announcement that Bendis did NOT make was the eradication of his catty ass thought balloons in Mighty Avengers. Hopefully by San Diego Comic-Con, we'll get that announcement along with a formal apology and coupons to redeem for re-lettered versions of those Mighty Avengers comics that don't have Ms. Marvel and Iron Man thinking like morons when they're not talking. They can either mail them to my house or send them in e-coupon form. I'm not picky.

Then there is the news of the X-Crossover, called The Messiah Complex. I imagine Magneto will be back yet again and everyone will be all "Dang!" to which Magneto replies "s'right!" and then fighting ensues alongside some parallels to how the X-men represent the struggles of the oppressed people in the real world. Why you gotta make me feel all bad for being a white privileged suburban male, huh X-men comics? Can't I just read about sexy mutants going all stabby and blasty and mental mind reading without having to feel like some jerk? Gosh!

Yeah, this will probably be another huge mess, but apparently that is what's for sale in today's world of mainstream super hero comics. Enjoy yourselves!


Jason said...

The decision to kill the other Spidey titles and just go with Amazing is one of the most ballsy, cynical moves I've yet seen in my 25 years of comics addiction (well, except for giving the Beyonder a jeri-curl do and a disco suit). This could either make them a ton of cash or be seen as the next Clone Saga. Hmmmmmmm.

As soon as I saw the preview image for Messiah Clusterfuck and saw Mr. Sinister, I knew it is going to suck. Has that villain ever been involved with a decent story?

Id just don't know if there's much they can do to get me back into the core MU titles if it still involves Bendis taking the reigns. I just dislike so much of what he's done lately that I don't know if I CAN like his writing any more.

Chad Nevett said...

I'm with you on Spider-Man's marriage. Aren't the people who complain about it usually the ones telling us how great a series featuring some lame, z-list character that has a cadre of seven hardcore fans will be because "there are no lame characters, just lame writing"? Same deal with this situation. It's only a shitty situation if the writing is shitty.

Spencer Carnage said...


What's wrong with Mr. Sinister? What, you don't like Albino's or something? I bet you he shows up and starts talking about genetic material! That's going to be thrilling!


Amen. I think about comics a lot, but damn, why do people have to go back and muddle things so much? I'm enjoying NA: Illuminati as its an enjoyable read, but the idea that some guy is getting paid lots of money just to reimagine Secret Wars if HE was the one that came up with it.....just seems a bit lame.