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Monday, June 11, 2007

I got nothing

I'm sorry. I have neglected my blobligations. I'm like that friend that you really want to hang out with that never returns your calls. Its not because I stopped liking you, it just that I've been BUSY.


I blame it all on the band. In case you did not know, I'm in band called Secret Wars. Its loud, obnoxious crap that most of you probably out grew sometime in the early 90's. And yes, its called Secret Wars. It was either that or Robocop A Feel, which we declined to use due to copyright reasons. We've had 4 shows in the past week with 3 more to go between now and next monday. Playing this many shows this close together is a new thing for us so its kind of taking its toll on me. Add in the extra 2 or 3 hours that band members spend after the show picking up on not so good looking chicks(except Sparky! Dude finally came up!) and there have been quite a few late week nights that I could do without.

Other than that, not much comic book reading. I picked up the Other Side which just read like an algamation of every good Vietnam movie thrown into one. Despite that complaint, the last few pages redeemed the whole thing for me. In non-comic book reading news, I'm making my way through Joseph Heller's Good As Gold. Its an interesting book takes Catch 22 and throws it into the realm of Politicians and Family. Its good, but not AMAZING. After I get through this, I think I am either going to pick up some more Chabon or Lethem. Sure, its hipster reading, but its so damn good.

Well, that's all I got. Just wanted to say hey. What's new with all of yous?


Jason said...

Glad to hear you're keeping yourself busy. The music you have on MySpace soulds like a lot of fun. Too bad I'm confined to the mid-west for the summer.

As for myself, I've been stuck doing yard-work for the last few weekends, woo-hoo 96 degree heat! Why the hell did I have to buy a house with a yard and all?

At least I'm going to see the Walkmen & Smoking Popes this weekend.

Incidentally, in a copyright-free world I would've totally gone with Robocop a Feel. That's awesome.

Spencer Carnage said...

Robocop a feel would have been completely awesome, but alas, someone somewhere would get mad when we take the TRL charts by storm.

As for the yard, just do what we do: nothing! Then again, we rent, so.....the hells with it!

Carla said...

Sorry, I'm too busy rocking out to read OtherSide (but man, what I saw before we bagged it for content was kind of trippy).

Still rockin' out. Hrm. Might have to mosey my way to 'Casa de Rasa', or so it says on this here myspace page... =)