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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Comics? Still reading them.

Matt Kindt's MIND MGMT is a damn good. Much better than Jim McCann's Mind The Gap. Mind The Gap was GOOD but not great. MIND MGMT is great. You should read it.

Saga, too. Talk about an awesome book. Dismembered Ghosts. Robots. Lady spider assassins. Love, War, and Sex In Space. All narrated by a baby. Brian K. Vaughan blew up and now he's thanking us all for it by doing his version of The Wall.

Dancer by Nathan Edmondson, Nic Klein, and Jeff Powell is the pitch that gets movies made. A total page turner.

Avengers VS X-men? It's still happening, isn't it.

Batman Incorporated #1 did an excellent job of pushing the right kind of buttons. Can not wait to sit down with the trade and soak it up. After finally reading Flex Mentallo in full, Grant Morrison has become almost untouchable to me. I am fairly certain that I traveled through time when I read Flex Mentallo.

More good super hero comics in collected editions: Uncanny X-Force. That's how you do it. Everyone is a bad ass and you love it.

Hickman! Read that .1 issue of Fantastic Four and it was good! Secret? Manhattan Projects? Hickman is re-inventing and innovating comics in a universe that is all his own. Warren Ellis should watch his back.

What comics have you got excited about lately?


ch said...

FInally, some new reviews. i appreciate the podcast, but i treasure the typed word.

i also like your typo on the Batman book so much that i have adopted it as an actual word. no foolin'. 'it's getting all incorpated in here'.

please keep this up. lot of fun.


Spencer Carnage said...

Thanks, Craig. I should probably fix that typo but nah. I have completely neglected the written word lately. I look at Twitter and think "140 characters? Who has the time?!"