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Thursday, July 13, 2006

And Spencer's unofficial "NON-SUPERHERO COMICS" WEEK that might possible turn into a MONTH, 2 MONTHS, 5 MONTHS and 3 WEEKS, or Heaven forbid, the rest of his LIFE, continues on. That's right. Its theme week slash month slash whatever here in Spencer D's neck of the woods and we're talking about the "100% AUTHENTIC MANGA" BLAME!, you round eye Douchy McDouchersens!

My original encounter with Nihei's BLAME! was from reading a Blade Of The Immortal fan site that had scanned some pages from a Japanese edition of a BLAME! manga. Super nerd Spencer kicked in and I bought the Japanese version a few many years ago. The art was pretty, I had to get it. Anyways, a trip to Borders one day and lo and behold, they finally released an English edition. Cool beans!

Set in the far flung future, BLAME! chronicles the adventure of "Killy" as he ventures in some kind of cyber dungeon that goes on for miles and miles and miles, searching for clean genetic material. Or something. Starting out, Killy is on the tail end of one of his missions, in which he disposes of techno-organic looking baddies that try and steal his unsoiled genetic loot. 20 some odd gun shot induced explosions later and Killy has secured the specimen and is waiting for someone to fetch it. Once he unloads the clean genes, he is sent on another mission for more untainted chromosomes.

And we're off!

This is how BLAME! does its thing. This is how we get the character in brutal fight scenes with bio-mechanical cyber sci-fi wank off robo fighters that try and step only to get blows upped. We only learn more about this dystopia dungeon world that Killy roams when he accidentally stumbles into the chaotics lives of random characters, providing our sullen lead(and us) with some answers with what the hell is going on. When the answers don't come so easy, we find that our curiosity is diverted with gun play and creepy robot machines. Killy's interaction with others is limited and short, leaving only enough time for these bit part cast members to explain either their dire situation for Killy to resolve or their contempt for Killy's presence. Regardless of their place in the story, they all end up cannon fodder in cyber dungeon's attempt to off Killy.

Good luck with that, mechanoid bitches! Killy's got a tiny gun that will blow you and the wall behind you to mother fucking BITZ! Yes, we all know Killy is a lame name. Let's move on, shall we?

Having finally read the English translated man years after my initial introduction to BLAME!, its somewhat of a let down. The most interesting premise of the story is the fact that my curiosity is being scratch like a cat on a lazy sunday. The art, which was my reason for liking BLAME! in the first place, is still amateurish in some spots. A good number of illustrations permeate the manga, but there are times, whether its action scene that doesn't flow well or a set up that's drawn in confuso-vision, Nihei still has some work to do. However, when its good, its good.

Will I buy the next volume? Of course. With my curiosity that had been hungering for WTF BLAME! was all about for so long, I gotta stay on board. At $9.99 a pop, that's a bargain that my mother would chew me out for passing up. This one's for you, Ma!
PS: There was going to be a picture of the book up in the top but Blogger sucks so boycott Google until they return my picture sharing ability. Thanks!

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