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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I am a horrible comic book fan. Yes, yes, I know you know this, but after spending the past 2 working days catching up on all my comic blog reading, I feel like I dropped the ball. No, that is an under statement. The coach won't even put me in.

Sure, I missed out on the new Batwoman's big reveal. There was plenty of "Bat-cave" jokes that could have been made, but we really don't need all that. Civil War EXPLODED in our faces, ripping off Spider-man's mask along the way. Considering that I had prior knowledge of that whole she-bang, the best I did with it was ruin a bunch of message boarders' lives when I spoiled it for them. The New Warriors DIED and I wasn't even there to spill a forty out for them. The third X-men movie came out and I couldn't even find the time to say yes, this is what I'm talking about, give me more cheesy good comic book movies like this. And I was unemployed for 2 months!

And now, as I bounce around to and fro, starting at 2 Guys Buying Comics and going all the way to Ye Olde Comic Booke Blogge, its been brought to my attention that this blog is missing something very, very, very, very important: A Superman Returns review. Its like buying comics and not bagging them, ie, sacrilege. I believe that such concepts as the capital punishment and losing your car keys were summoned into existence as a way of learning your lesson for such crimes against humanity. Believe you me, I had every chance to get a review and get it done right. I was invited to see the movie not on opening night, BUT THE NIGHT BEFORE! BY MY COMIC SHOP!!! SITTING IN THE SAME THEATER WITH MARK WAID!!!! I'm not even Newsarama-league material, either! Wednesday fucking morning when you're Fandango-ing your tickets, I, Spencer D. Carnage, could have one upped the whole lot of yous! I could have spoiled the whole damn thing! Or even better, I could have lied, lied, lied about what happens and you would have loved it because its me! Right?

"Wait a minute, Mr. Spencer. You mean......you didn't go see before opening night with Mark Waid?"

I didn't say I could have seen it WITH Mark Waid, just seen it in the same theater, which is technically the same thing. But yes, I didn't go. Why? Because I was studying. Did I at least see it opening weekend? Nope. Not even when my friends who did go and see it, told me how wicked awesome heart wrenching misty eyed inducingly great it was, I haven't gone yet.

I don't know what I'm getting at, really, but for some reason, I felt like I need to exhibit some kind of relevancy at this point, even if it is to spout off about how irrelevant I am. Sorry, my comic book loving friends. I let all of you down.

But Built To Spill? Tonight at the sold out show at the Troubadour? Wouldn't miss that shit for anything in the world, my friends.

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