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Thursday, July 06, 2006

You should read yourself some Dragon Head. I know, you're saying something to yourself along the lines of why I'm blogging about comics and not blogging about the sand in my vagina. Don't worry, you're not too far off. This isn't comics. This is MANGA, which according to this guy, are NOT comics. They ain't even comics-lite.

However, that ain't the point, son. I'm talking about Dragon Head. What is Dragon Head? Considering this is Japanese manga and all the things that come to mind when you put the two words, "Dragon" and "Head" together, its safe to say that you're already going to click over to one of the other 6 Marvel blogs. But wait! We're not talking fantasy yaoi porn manga! We're talking Lord Of The Flies mania with a little bit of that good stuff that made us all feel like suckers when they dropped the second season of Lost. Yes, that's right. Mystery! Horror! Teenage kids fighting each other while wearing derivative face paint! A school trip that goes horribly wrong when the railway that their class is riding in just happens to be going through a tunnel when an earthquake hits! Was it just an earthquake....or something far more sinister? Having just finished the 3rd volume today, I'm giving you all the okay to buy it.

And buy me the DVD while you're at it. I was in blogging hibernation when the b-day dropped so I thought it would make sense for you guys to use this opportunity to make up for it.

Built To Spill was great last night. They didn't play "Reasons" but I forgave them because they started the show off with "Car" all guitarlapella. That's when the singer gets up there with a guitar and just sings by himself, basking in one light while the rest of band chills. You think to yourself, "ok, the band is going to come in when the chorus hits" only you find you're at the end of the song, the rest of the band was no where to be heard, and that tear going down your cheek has officially confirmed that you're a colossal size douche. Guitarlapella will get you everytime.

This goes to Mark Fossen over at Focused Totality. VintageComputing.com is a video game site that focuses on the games when they were simpler, and yes, sometimes better. Why do we still hold a torch for those days of 8 bit yore? Most have been the advertising. If I remember correctly, Mark's a video game nerd, so I thought of him when I came across this site recently. Then again, I may be totally wrong, so.....

Civil War Spoilerz!

That's not Thor, but a clone created using Thor's DNA, equipped with cybernetic parts and stuff.

That's all.

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