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Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Warriors # 2

Issue 2 is out and my hope for this series being decent is dwindling. And why is that?


So far, two former mutants have already joined up with the New Warriors with a third one being courted. The lovable loser, Beak, from Grant Morrison's New X-men run and Jubilee. If you look hard enough, you could make argument for a possible 4th as the one shot of the full team shows a man with spiky hair and a scarf around his neck. The recently de-powered Chamber, perhaps? Its interesting to think that the mutants, or ex-mutants, would be so concerned with the Registration Act that haunts the Marvel U. I am inclined to guess that maybe the Registration Act mirrors the Mutant Registration Act all too well and if it is not stopped, the always looming menace of a Sentinel policed future is right around the corner. However, I find it hard for a bunch of Ex-mutants to be concerned about a future scenario that they have been blacklisted from. Grevioux can definitely pursue that angle, but I don't know if I'll be buying it. Another reason for the M-Day victims to take up the cause could be the simple reason of getting their powers back. The celebrity mutant life is a sexy one. Now that these characters are so last minute, they are latching on to the next best thing, which appears to be technology-powered super heroics. Feels like Vh1's Celebreality, really..

Idiotic metaphors aside, this book is still standing on the fence for me as a super hero comic. Having an unreasonable soft spot in my heart for Nicieza's and Bagley's work on the first volume, its safe to say that I'm probably going to be a little unfair. Its still light on the action, much like the first issue. Mystery abounds in regards to what these New Warriors are all about but none of it is particularly thrilling. And the detective work put into solving the mystery of the New Warriors by Wolverine comes in the form of deduction via putting his thumb up against a televised broadcast of one of the female Warriors in action. At this point, there's just a whole bunch of grand standing against the Registration with a little bit of "not being a mutant is hard" going on. A more hardline, in-your-face approach would do this book tremendous justice. By issue 2 of the first volume of New Warriors, they had already defeated Terrax and went up against a gang of thugs equipped with fancy AIM weaponry. This time around? The return of Jubilee.

Some where out there, a message board thread is rustling with cries of celebration. Thanks, Joe Q.


Jason said...

Hmmmm...I'm on the fence about this one. I'd like to see some type of Guerrilla-Superhero book rising out of Civil War (though I suppose that's what New Avengers is too), but so far the cast of this book leaves me completely cold, and IO don't see what this has to do with the New Warriors at all. Who's the Night Thrasher in this book? Didn't he buy it in CW, or has that been explained yet?

Spencer Carnage said...

Exactly. Less talk, more punching! They haven't hinted at who Night Thrasher is yet. I'm hoping its someone from the Warriors' past such as Midnight's Fire, but that's stretching it. Or maybe someone current that's doing double duty. Nick Fury maybe? Hawkeye?

pachoob said...

i hope it's hitler.