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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

October Solicitations for Marvel Comics

So the October Solicitations are here courtesy of various different new sites and today we're going to look at a few covers that stuck for good and/or bad reasons. Its lazy blogging, but its all I got right now.

Let's begin!

< INTERNET OUTRAGE >OMG, WTFers!!!!! Pron swiping!!!!!?!< /INTERNET OUTRAGE >

There is this whole post inside of me about how they need to bring back the old school covers with kinds of crazy captions promising things that would never ever happen. Joe Quesada's name comes up no where in this prospective post. I think you can understand why.

This is the kind of cover that makes you hate the art inside because they most likely do not compare in the slighest.

I'm not much of a fan for modernized updates of classic stories, because they absolutely have no bearing on current continuity and if there's ever a reason to read Marvel Comics, its so I can go on about which superhero registering this week and who's sleeping with a skrull, but.....Eric Canete just might make me break that habit. Plus, Joe Casey. He's damn good as of late.

Ugh. That's all kinds of not-good. I'll take the cover with my dwag JRJR, thank you!

I'm boss-y! I'm the first girl to scream on a track! I switched up the beat of the drum! That's right i brought all the boys to the yard! And that's right, i'm the one that's tattooed on his arm!

I'm boss-y!

I think that Sean Phillips' talent is being put to great misuse with these stupid zombie books. Agree? Disagree? Comment below, suckas!

Have we finally out 90's the 90's? Yes, I do believe we have. By Mr. Bendis, no doubt. That is something, isn't it.

I was stoked for this when they announced it way back when. Having finally read some Jonathan Lethem and Farel Dalrymple in the interim, I'm twice oas stoked. Do people say that anymore, "stoked?" Or am I, like, totally showing my age? Is 28 old enough to start doing that?

God, I hope to heck that they don't bring back the 2nd version of Night Thrasher's armor with those 80's shoulder pads and ugly hockey mask helmet!


Why are you looking at me like that?

What's wrong with these two covers? Let's ask Speedball himself!

Say what you want, but New Warriors vol 1, issues 1 through 25 are the bible when it comes to doing Speedball right. If anything, they could have just shunted him over to Cable & Deadpoll and GLI, but no. Us Marvel fans have to be dumb about things like FUN.

Something is not quite right with us fans.

Stu-pid! I mean, really? Is this the best you can do, Mr. Silvestri?

Salvadore Larocca has greatly improved, IMO. I mean, even when she's all effed up, Storm is still rocking that ghetto booty. S'up, girl! Holla at yer boy!

I finally jumped on the bandwagon for this book. Great stuff. Who would of thought the Multiple Man would have been so damn interesting?

I'm digging on some Skottie Young lately. The dude's got illin' skills and he's funny, too! I think I'm man-crushing.

For some strange reason, I want to pick up New Excalibur and read it. Am I missing something? Is this flying under my radar? Am I so eager for Chris Claremont to be awesome again that I'll entertain notions of enjoying a book whose lead characters consist of Captain Britain, the Juggernaut and Dazzler?

The only David Lapham work I have read outside of Stray Bullets and Murder Me Dead is his Daredevil/Punisher work, which was absolutely fantastic. From what I've heard, some of his other stuff, specifically his DC work, not so much. I think I'll defer to the internet on this one before I dive in. I mean, if the internet was right about cats being hilarious, I'm sure they'll be spot on about this as well. Right?

And we'll finish this up by saying Criminal is a great comic book that deserves to be in your long box. 'Nuff said!


Jason said...

I'm amazed you didn't jump at the chance to coin "Wolv-om" or "Venerine" for that New Avengers cover. That said, "Vernerine" sounds like a cream you use on an embarrasing rash.

I agree on both the Spidey and Starlord covers. The only thing worse than Joe Q. editing is having him draw agin.

That Skottie Young Deadpool cover rawks the haus.

Did you read Deadpool/GLI? Do you think the writers got paid to eviserate Marvel's dudnerheaded handling Speedball/S&M Boy? How long until Night Thrasher skateboard-whips some sense into the lad?

Chad Nevett said...

How is it that New Avengers can have an awesome cover like #34's with the whole alternate universe/disguise/what the fuck? thing and then . . . this. Venom and Wolverine. Yay.

I've been noticing Scottie Young's cover work lately. I had no use for him up until recently as he's been delivering some really cool looking covers. Not always the best drawn, but who cares when they're actually somewhat unique and interesting?

And, yes, that IS the best Mr. Silvestri can do.

Spencer Carnage said...

Very fun, Jason. Maybe I already did and I'm just waiting for the internet to follow suit so I can stand up and be all "what's up!" I didn't get that GLI/Deadpool only because money was tight but I did skim and have seen some scans online. I think Nicieza and Slott did an excellent job of pointing out how stupid Marvel's handling of Speedball is.


In theory, a Venom-possessed wolverine is a great, fun idea. The only problem is that it just reeks of the 90's so bad that no matter how well you pull it off, you're always going to remember that. At one time, Venom was a decent character. A billion holo-foil covered mini-series later...not so much.

Fin Fang Doom said...

You're not missing anything by not reading New Excalibur. It's a decent read, but nothing to write home to mom about (unless your mom is into really mediocre comics). If you enjoy the characters, you'll probably enjoy the book. if they don't interest you now, Claremont isn't going to make you interested in them. New Excalibur is light years better than Claremont's Exiles, though, but a steaming dog turd is light years ahead of what he's turned my beloved Exiles into.

Chad Nevett said...

Personally, I think they should have gave up on Venom after that issue of What If...? where Spider-Man couldn't get rid of the symbiote, so it sucked the life out of him and then moved on to attach itself to the Hulk and Thor until Black Bolt killed it by talking. After Thor and Hulk have been Venom, everyone else looks like a little pussy.

And speaking of which, seriously, that woman in the purple on that Ultimate Power cover DOES look like she's half a second away from being ejaculated upon. I'm farily certain that if the cover continued to the left, we'd see that she's somehow kneeling in mid-air. But, then again, money shots and having fun while flying do seem to look remarkably alike. Not many people would see that, but Greg Land did and for that, he is a genius.

pachoob said...

off topic: the hanes commercials with cuba gooding jr. annoying the shit out of michael jordan seem less like comedy than documentary. i'd take even money that in real life cuba is more like homer simpson than anything else.

and i agree: that is the best capt. silversti can do. mr. sinister looks like he's the keyboard player in a my chemical romance cover band.


van doom said...

It took that long for you to read X-Factor??? For shame, my man. Best book on the shelves. Go pick up the trades.