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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Its not you, its me

Howdy. I'm thinking about buying comics again. Why? Because, dude! There's Skrulls everywhere!

Actually, that's not right. If anything, I'll probably stay far, far away from anything Skrull-related unless it involves the Immortal Iron Fist. Ok, that's not right either. Being me, I'll pick up the main series AT LEAST just to keep my hate rate going. But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'm here to talk about comics that I should be picking up. And I'm turning to you guys for some help. I'm looking at picking up 5 comics next weekend when I go to the comic shop and 1 trade. Which comics should those 5 comics + 1 trade be? Recommend me anything. I don't even care if its DC. If you say that the Trials Of Shazam is really good and you make your point convincing enough, I'll buy it. Ok, that's a lie. But if you push for Ennis's Dan Dare, you might have a new blogging buddy to talk about the next issue.

I'm looking for anything. Something new. If you're a semi-regular reader here, then you understand what I like and don't like. At least, enough for you to be some what on point what interests me. And maybe, just maybe, whatever you pick for me to buy, I'll blog about. No promises there just because I'm horrible at promising things, but if you suggest, then I should at least run my big mouth about it.

So list 5 single issues that came out in the past month or two and 1 trade and I'll narrow it down to what sounds good either by picking the titles randomly from a hat or putting up one of those polling things. Either way, I'm feeling that I need some comics back in my life so what better way for me to start by turning to you guys and girls for a suggestion. So comment away!


Jason said...

Hmmm....well, I went through the singles I've bought in the last month, and here's what I've come up with:

Captain America #34 - This issue is the much ballyhooed introduction of Bucky as Cap, and it's damn good. That's not a surprise since it's still Brubaker & Epting, but darn, it's just amazing that their run has kept up such quality. Plus, they find a way to blame the sub-prime crisis on the Red Skull! Come on, you're in real estate, you had to know he was behind it!

'76 #1 - Essentially two really good 70's exploitation movies are started in this first issue. The first story feature (essentially) 70's Chuck Norris coming back to the "old neighborhood" to set things straight. The other one features two bounty hunters who have to track down a girl who has the wrong guy's money...and drugs.

Iron Fist. Nothing more needs to be said.

Fell #9 Ellis's series finally came back this month and it is still very, very good. This issue is rather somber, but very well written. More grounded than a lot of the series has been. But hey, it's $2.

Countdown Special: OMAC - a reprint edition of OMAC by Kirby, Starlin & George Perez. Good stuff from some very different creators.

And for the trade: Iron Man: Hypervelocity. Essentially, Iron Man vs. SHIELD. Plus mecha-fetishists and an incredibly hot computer virus. From Adam Warren. No lasting repercussions, just a hell of a lot of fun. Iron Man crossed with Shoot 'Em Up.

Oh yeah, there's also Y: The Last Man #60, the last issue. A very good ending to the series, and it doesn't require that you had read the last few issues (as I had not).

Anyway, I do hope you pick up some stuff you like. I know there's something I'm forgetting. Fuck it, that's my list for now. Plus, I can guarantee, all of these books are Skrull free.

nicholas reed said...

I second the Fell #9 recommendation, it was a pretty bangin' issue.

I'd also say pick up DC's Metal Men miniseries, as it's been amazing thus far and has only 2 issues to go. Shouldn't be that hard to find the back issues.

Also good is Matt Fraction's Casanova, and that would include the trade (hard or soft cover) of the first arc, Luxuria, and the 5 or so issues of the second arc that are out. It's by far my favorite comic right now, since All-Star Superman comes out so infrequently and I'm getting Iron Fist in trades.

Phil said...

Responses seem light, what the heck, my two cents:

Seconding Immortal Iron Fist #12(though really, backpedal to the start of the run!) and Fell #9

Pax Romana #1 - start of a new Jonathan Hickman miniseries where a mercenary army is sent back in time by the Catholic church to rewrite history in their image.

Northlanders #1-3 - Brian Wood's new ongoing Viking saga full of blood and violence and Good Writing.

And to top it off, Moon Knight #14-15 - Moon Knight gets registered. Yeah.

(Honorable mention to the Painkiller Jane/Terminator crossover which actually seems to be working)

Thunderbolts: Faith in Monsters - Norman Osborne(yes, that Norman Osborne) leading a team of supervillians in rounding up unregistered capes, best Venom evar.

Spencer Carnage said...

Went to the comic shop. Bought some comics based upon your recommendations. Some good, some bad. Accidentally bought an issue of New Avengers.

What the fuck was I thinking? More to come later.