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Friday, December 09, 2005

Ha ha!

I'm sorry.* I really am, but this post at the Absorbascon just made me laugh. Really hard. Don't get me wrong. The fact that there are people out there that really, really, really, really like Aquaman is great. I think its awesome to see that even the lame characters get love, too. Hell, Retrocrush went so far as to show us who would win in a fight between Green Lantern and Aquaman. I personally believe that that Retrocrush article is the reason that Geof Johns got all huffy puffy about making Hal Jordan a man's man. But really, Aquaman? This can only happen with DC comics. Marvel readers get a dumb chuckle when D-Man shows up in the pages of The Pulse. DC readers? They give their D-Man characters a comic book series.

(Marvel Team-Up is subject to Kirkman's Law, in which any Marvel book that shows up with Kirkman's name on it is clearly fanfiction masquerading as legitimate comics.)

Before this turns into some DC slander fest, I'm going to drop it and leave you with this picture of Aquaman peeing on Hal Jordan:

Aquaman rules!!!

* Yes, I know harping on Aquaman is by no means original but I just couldn't help myself.


kelvingreen said...

Speaking of D-Man, isn't that a lame mystery in The Pulse? Hmmm, I wonder. What possible reason could a superhero who protects a homeless community have for stealing jewelry and cash? Could it be for buying food and medicine for the homeless?

Stupid Bendis.

Spencer Carnage said...

With luck, Paul Jenkins can salvage the book. It was awesome when it was Alias and good for the first arc, but after that run-around-and-cry fest that was supposed to be a Secret War cross over? No bueno

kelvingreen said...

And what's with that? Bendis is dropping the books he's actually good at writing, and sticking around on the ones he's driving into the ground(>koff!<Not Avengers>koff!<)? How does that make sense?

Ragnell said...

Say what you will about Aquaman. Hell, it's practically a requirement to make fun of Aquaman -- but leave poor Hal out of it. Poor guy gets dropped on his head as a baby (probably), is incurably clumsy, is the DC Equivalent of John Malkovich, and now those "art photos" Arthur swore no one would ever see get posted on the internet, and you've got to link to them! Shame on you, Spencer Carnage, shame on you!

Spencer Carnage said...


It makes no sense. And yet, like the Marvel Zombie that I am, I'll probably still be picking up New Avengers for god knows how long..


Where other blogs try their best to fulfill the role of a comic book news reporter, less talented folks like myself must venture into the realm of tabloid press. If only the price of college wasn't so high, poor Hal could have gone through life without feeling the sting of Atlantean urine in his eyes.

kelvingreen said...

New Avengers Annual. Oh great, Annuals are back. Joy. Oh, and it's a crossover from the last Bendis issue of The Pulse.


Ragnell said...

Spencer -- Heartless monster.