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Sunday, December 18, 2005

March DC Solicitations

There's some interesting quip about being behind the curve, but I won't bore you with all that. Although Newsarama posted DC's March Solicitations, what, like years ago, its never too late to poke a little fun. With that, I bring you...

Spencer joshing on the March DC Solicitations

Do you think they're going to sell costumes like that next Halloween? And if so, would The Girlfriend wear one? That would take my Jimmy Olsen/Lois Lane fantasy to All-Star new levels...

Acknowledge our existence, you cow!

My toilet humor knows no bounds.

Err..you got this one, right Clark?

What we have here is clearly a misuse of police powers.

Yeah, I'd take Firestorm in the Marvel U just as along as there was no hidden clause that said we had to take Aquaman, too.

"A few times I've been around that track so it's not just gonna happen like that, cause I ain't no hollaback girl...I ain't no hollaback girl...."

Oh, you totally know that's what they're blasting out of that helicopter stereo.

Ain't that a shame. Selina went all "South Beach Diet" on us and lost all that ass up in them jeans.

"You take back what you said about Brute & Babe being a horrible comic! Now!"

Cruel and unusual punishment is making me wait until March for Wintermen # 4. Le sigh...

That is uh....a little disturbing, yes, but a mighty fine cover nonetheless.

Byrne is an ass, but that cover is bitchin' wicked.

If J. H. Williams was a kitty, I'd snuggle with him every night while watching Conan...

Is this good? By default I should like it because its Wildstorm, but I'm still not over that whole Wildstorm Rising business...

About fucking time, DC.

Hey cover artist for Robin! Its called "perspective!" Use it!

Whatever, Bruce.

You don't say..

Last but not least...

Bat Kitty strikes again! Yes!

I do love me some Paul Pope


Earth-2 Leigh said...

I demand more Bat Kitty.

All your Batman covers are great.

Matt said...

Paul Pope rules.

And am I the only one who thinks that it's Holly in the catsuit? Not that I'm all that fond of that particular turn, mind you...