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Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Not much in the way of comics going on around here. Unless you count that Buddy Does Jersey collection I've been plowing through one #2 at a time. That, and Fortress Of Solitude. I loved it. Now I'm on to Love Is A Mixtape by Rob Sheffield which I'm feeling just might be a little too Old Alternative Dudeness for me. We'll see.

But yeah. No comics. God, it feels kind of good. I know, this is probably the 6th time I have made a post like this this year, but what I can say?

Suck it, comics!

Take your crappy culture of nitpickiness, nostalgia and idiotic gender fighting and gets a stepping already! I don't really care about Countdown. I don't care about World War Hulk. I don't care about Ultimates # 13 finally coming out. I don't care which sex superhero comics were made for. I don't care if Spider-man punching Doc Ock subconsciously oppresses your vagina. I don't care if Commander Steel makes you feel disgusted or slightly aroused. I don't care about some crazy back issue from the 70's and how it'll totally blow my mind. I really don't. Its all hogwash and horseshit to me right now. No offense to those who DO care. Keep on keeping on. As it currently stands, I have 100s trades that are taking up way too much space in my room that really just need to go. The level of my obsession needs to be scaled back significantly and I'm starting with the Black Widow and Avengers Kree-Skrull War trades first!

I'm off to work on a speech about Network Neutrality. If comics start causing drama again, please keep from posting it anywhere where I can see it. Thanks!


Jason said...

Sooooo....what're you listening to then? I've been hammering my ears with the new Sloan, as I'm seeing them on Saturday. Only a week until the Voxtrot album hits!

Spencer Carnage said...

Two weeks before I see Voxtrot. Actually, I've been listening to a lot of new stuff. Tv On The Radio, Fields, Do Make Say Think and Feist. Then there's pachoob's band which has been making the rounds. Plus, I got I'm From Barcelona and Hockey Night coming from Best Buy thanks to a birthday gift card. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden I've been buying stuff up left and right. Its all about reading books and listening to music.

How's that sloan? I don't think I've ever listened to them. Ever. I would myspace them, but I can't for stupid reasons I won't go into right now.

gorjus said...

DUDE! Even though you're totally wrong about Fortress of Solitude, send me your address and I'll send you his "Men and Comics" short stories when I send you the Sandusky Review gig (it's actually pretty okay). And buy the last National record, Alligator--it is so prime.

Spencer Carnage said...

That there is a deal if I ever seen one. I'm gonna send you a fair trade for being such a good sport for having bad taste. What's your flavor? Marvel? Vertigo? DC? Indie? Mini-comics about cats? Name it and its yours, my friend.

Jason said...

Sloan's an acquired taste, as even my usually on-the-same-musical-page friends are split on their merits. Essentially it's cheesy 70's-stlyle Canadian power pop, and it's hela fun live. I'll probably throw an mp3 or two up on my blog before week's end. I'm pulling the Hockey Night LP off of eMusic and am looking forward to checking that out.

Reading all of the press on Phonogram has me listening to a lot of brit-pop stuff as well.

pachoob said...

you care a LITTLE bit about ultimates 13 coming out. be honest.

Secret said...
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Spencer Carnage said...


go to daytrotter.com and pull up hockey night's live stuff, especially "who we are." good stuff. don't know about the recorded stuff, but i'm ready to find out. and post that sloan!


Ok, maybe a little bit. It better end with Ultimate Cap humping me in da butt.

Jason said...

'Fraid not pal, you'll have to hit Goon: Satan's Sodomy Baby for that type of action.

I should get some Sloan up this evening.

Jason said...

FYI...Adult Swim has a free album up at their with some pretty good stuff on it (SOUND Team, BSS, TV on the Radio). Haven't had a chance to chekc it out too well, but I'll download it tonight.

Spencer Carnage said...

That there is a nice little find. Thanks, Jason. I can view the page but I can't download anything(stupid work computers). Seeing how I have Dial Up at home, I now have to leave my house and socialize with friends with broadband internet connections. That's just great.

Seriously though, that looks to be some good tunes. Especially that Sound Team song which I've never heard before.

kira said...

didn't 'fortress of solitude' make you feel so sad and hopeless about the state of the world (crack! urban decay! racism! poor communication! no good male role models for young urban black men!) that you wanted to die?

i cried until i had to be hospitalized for dehydration.

i found that the heart-crushing sadness and loneliness of the book made it impossible for me to enjoy it.

what's up with jonathan lethem, man? he needs more connection with people. all his characters are fucking I-SO-LATED.

also, the dark tower kicks fucking ass. 'the drawing of the three' is WICKED.

Spencer Carnage said...

I don't know. Lethem speaks to the Isolated Angry Sad Man that lives inside of me. Then again, its the way the dude writes. It was hard at first, but after awhile I was thoroughly enjoying myself. Right now I'm half way through Murakami's Kafka On The Shore which is great.

And Dark Tower is good, just not as amazing as I wanted it to be. I love the hell out of the comic, though.

Carla said...

Annihilation: Conquest.
Go look at the Wraith and tell me that, in his space poncho and omg-what-is-that-is-it-a-gun-or-a-whip-or-wtf? that there isn't some small amount of hope?
Because really. Let's not take ourselves too seriously here. I think the 'net could stand to lose a few stern wags of the finger.
Not that I'm calling you intellectually dishonest here, but I'm still facing front.