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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Whatever you do, just don't say that C-word...

I took one the commenters advice(I think it was Googum) and bought myself a book by Haruki Murakami. Kafka On The Shore, to be exact. Thank you, Googum. Its an interesting piece of fiction that slowly crawls into a supernatural world of talking cats, ghosts, and god knows what else will come of it. It starts off small and mundane and builds from there. Half way through it and already I am a proper fan of Murakami's work. If you get the chance, pick it up. Next I read Paul Auster's Brooklyn Follies. That should be interesting. I read David Mazzuchelli and Paul Karasik's graphic novel adaptation of Auster's City Of Glass which was mind blowingly fantastic. If you have not read the graphic novel of City Of Glass, punch yourself in the private parts already! Its got the dude who drew Batman Year One!

Books: They have absolutely nothing to do with the Post Civil War Marvel U!

To continue my jaunt into the non-comic book reading world, I wanted to turn to you, the readers. My memorial weekend of nude sun bathing and Coors Lite drinking in Laughlin, NV fell apart on me. Instead, I will kicking around the homestead, nude sun bathing and drinking Coors Lite HERE. I am thinking about taking in a movie. Something independent preferably. Any recommendations? Its been awhile since I've taken in a good indie film in the theatre and I thought this weekend would be a good time as any. So start throwing some titles at me because I am completely clueless as to what's out there right now.

And, uh....that's all I got. See ya!


Jason said...

I would recommend either of the following:

Hot Fuzz - British action-buddy-comedy from teh makers of Shaun of the Dead. None too deep, but it's a lot of fun (and an indie!).

Black Book - A Dutch WWII spy-drama from Paul Verhoven. Not as bug-fuck crazy as most of his Hollywood stuff, but still very, very good.

Bug - Haven't seen this, but it looks scary as fuck. Directed by William Friedkin, Roger Ebert wrote something about it last year at Cannes and I've wanted to see it since - here's the article.

pachoob said...

dude, that city of glass adaptation is spot-on. it's almost exactly how the auster book goes (which, by the way, is worth reading in non-illustrated form).

i am going to suggest books for you. i understand this totally makes me "that guy," but somebody has to fucking do it.

the past year or so i've been hurting for reading time (well, last summer i read a shitload, but during this school year it's been comics and tv for moi), but the few i've torn through have been well worth it. i suggest "the children's hospital," by chris adrian. it's really big, but it's a total page-turner. also, the anchor collection of american short stories, edited by ben marcus, (i think it's from like 2004) is a favorite. jorge luis borges' "ficciones" is really good, but it can be a chore to get through. fuck. i'm blanking.

googum said...

Yay, glad you liked it!

I've got nothing for movies, though. I'm personally in big dumb summer movie mode, even though I haven't gotten around to seeing anything.

Jason said...
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Tony said...


I would have emailed this, but I don't know your email anymore. I know what it is, but I can't remember if you spell it different or whatever, so I just said fuck it and thought I would post a comment. I this was pretty funny. Check it: