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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mad is finally catching up with Science

Thanks to BoingBoing.net, we finally get a glimpse into the labratory of the poor misunderstood chemistry geek gone ape shit crazy and ask the question: Can we make bio-weapons that are powerful enough to threaten a city's water supply unless the mayor ponies up a million dollars by sun down? According to Paul Boutin, yes you can. Not only does he show, that yes, instead of stealing Centox(sp?) like they did on 24, you can just create Anthrax, dye it mustard yellow and give it some kind of idiotic name like Germ-X. Thanks to Paul Boutin who not only lets us know what kind of equipment you'll probably need and where to get it, he tells us how to get it without getting into too much trouble.

Come on! How easy it to make a bio-weapon? That must be like doing submicroscopic surgery...

It sounds like submicroscopic surgery, but all you do is squirt chemicals into a culture dish and let it all soak overnight.

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