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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Once again...

I do a post based off something that someone else said that is much, much better well put than I could ever hope to do. See? I can't even formulate a proper fucking sentence. But anyways.....take it away, Jake of Ye Olde Comick Booke Blogge on why Nextwave sucks because..

Warren Ellis isn't very good at absurdist humor:

This is what passes for humor when you are Warren Ellis or when you are eleven years old. Absurdist humor is much more difficult than it looks, and sadly, as it looks extremely easy, it's quite inviting to people who think they are funnier than they actually are the world over.
On Warren Ellis making fun of New Jersey:
Oh, no, you di-in't! New Jersey is so burned right now! Making fun of New Jersey is so not cliche! I also am proud of myself for recognizing that Dirk Anger is a parody of Nick Fury. Hang on... Fury... Anger... Those are synonyms! Damn, that's sweet!

Making jokes about New Jersey is on par with jokes about airline food being bad or how "black folks and white folks be different, y'all."
On why it takes more than just having a giant lizard wearing purple pants showing up to be funny:

Why is Fin Fang Foom wearing purple underwear? So Ellis can refer to it repeatedly because it's SOOOOO fucking clever. Why was "The Captain" originally known as "Captain "? Because it's SOOOOO ing clever. Why are the Human Resources henchmen made of "slabs of genetically modified kelp"? Because as I learned when I was at the beach in 1986, "kelp" is a funny word.
On naysayers:

I understand it's parody. But parody can be Austin Powers, Top Secret, or Airplane, but it can also be Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.
Read it in its entirety.

And let me say, thank you Jake. You made my day.


Jake said...

No need for thanks. If I can just convince one person out there not to read Nextwave, that's reward enough.

David Cutler said...

um.... purple pants?

Spencer Carnage said...

um.... no.

Which proves my point. Everyones defense of this comic is "bro, dude, bro.......[completely idiotic thing that warren ellis through in?]"

Thanks but no thanks. I got cromartie high.