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Friday, February 24, 2006

So, I'm more than halfway through V For Vendetta, and hot damn, this book is good. I read it for the first time last year and like all things complex and well thought out, a good portion of it flew right by me. I blame it on the sheer volume of books that I was ingesting at the time, making it difficult to fully appreciate V For Vendetta. That and my lack of a proper college education. However, the second time around, its even better. I would love to write a huge length Ian Brillesque post about the similiarities between V For Vendetta and Miracleman(both prominent works of Moores that he put out in the 80s that were also both stopped and restarted at some point in their publishing schedule)specifically focusing on comparing and deconstructing the totalitarian environments that Moore creates for each story as well as the transformation that both main characters undergo from human to superhuman, BUT......that shit is way too smarts for the like of this blog, so we'll just leave it at.

Is there any mp3s for the "Vicious Cabaret" that V sings at the beginning of Part 2 online anywhere that anyone knows of? I'm sure it will show up in the movie, but I'm curious to see if Alan Moore ever got crazy and recorded something. I'm almost half tempted to plop the music in front of my mother and have her play on it on her church organ, but I'm afraid she might find it offensive.

In other Alan Moore related news, I never made it to the shop, so I never picked up Future Shocks. Kelvin says its good so I'll have to keep an eye out for it next week, along with Tales Designed to Thrizzle # 2.

In some non-Alan Moore related news, I'm juggling the idea of doing a series of posts about the greater glories of the first 25 issues of New Warriors just because. This would be complimented by a "What Bendis Could Have Done Better" series of posts about the New Avengers, inspired by Randy's little rant the other day. What started as a comment on his posting turned into a full blown rant of my own that I'm almost afraid to explore for fear of it putting me dangerously close into fan fiction territory. And if I go there, do I get so bold as to make it a slash piece, considering that if there ever was a time and place for a romantic relationship between a billionaire super hero industrialist and a mutant Canadian killing machine, that time is now and the place is the pages of New Avengers?

Nah, someone probably beat me to that punch already.


Jake said...

"Sit down, Logan," Tony smiled, making his way to the minibar. "Can I offer you a drink?"

"Uh, just a beer, I guess," Logan grunted. Truly, he longed for a Cosmopolitan, but he dared not order one. The beer, the grunt, his gruff exterior, they were all part of the front he presented. The facade he was forced to put out there for the world every day--hiding his true feelings--was doing what Lady Deathstrike, Omega Red, and Sabretooth never could. It was killing him.

Tony handed him the beer. He'd mixed up a Comso for himself. "I know, I know," he chuckled. "Just don't tell my AA sponsor." He sipped it slightly and looked playfully at Logan. "Then again, it's not like this is my only secret." He broke out into laughter. "Oh, I'm so naughty!"

Logan could hold back no longer.


(In the next chapter, Bruce Wayne shows up and we find Logan is just a millionaire industrialist groupie... then it turns into an Astroglide-fueled threesome.)

Amy said...
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Amy said...

Alan Moore did indeed go crazy and record a few songs (The most infamous of which is "March of the Sinister Ducks"), but not "This Vicious Cabaret."

"This Vicious Cabaret" was indeed recorded, though, by David J of Bauhaus fame.

I could e-mail either or both to you if you like.

Spencer Carnage said...

"Is that your retractable claws?" Tony said "or are you just happy to see me?"

Wolverine's silence confirmed the millionaire industrialist's suspicions. Ever since that fateful day in the Savage Land, Tony had secretly hoped to see the mutant's beserker rage, first hand. He noticed that Wolverine was uneasy with the tension and therefore at a disadvantage. Considering that Captain America was out tracking down some "Winter Soldier", Spider-man, Mary Jane and Aunt May were taking a night out on the town, Luke Cage was on his honeymoon, and Spider-Woman was in some foreign country trying to quadruple cross the Secret Empire, Tony did what he did best; he went for the corporate takeover.

"I've been wondering, Logan," Tony playfully nibbled at the cherry in his Cosmo. "With all this talk about the Super-Human Registration Act....whoose side are you on?"

Wolverine looked him intently, not moving a hair.

"I mean," Tony continueed. "You're either on the Avengers, one of the three different X-men teams, or you're flying solo. Heaven forbid Dr. Strange show up again, or else you'll be running around with Darkhawk on the Secret Defenders again!"

"What's your angle, bub?" Tony bit his lip, almost afraid to ask.

"Well, its just that....what team ARE you on?"

(this is where I tag Earth-2 Leigh to continue in what should be the greatest meme to grace the internet EVER.


Jesus Christ, Jake, how do I wash this dirty away?!)

Chris said...

Unfortunately, if this is going to be in the pages of New Avengers, you two have already scripted waaaaaay too much action for that comic! C'mon, just the two installments by you and Jake so far equal like 3 BIs! (BI=Bendis Issues)

I refuse to play this little game...ah screw it, tag me next! Two words: Weapon XXX!

Chris said...

You know what? If instead you guys could just throw in some reference to Miles "Tails" Prower Hentai, that would be swell.

Mainly, JAKE, to take the Google heat off a certain blog that contains a certain post about a certain shitty comic.

Spencer, I apologize for using your comments section to issue pleas for help against the nefarious Google and The Post That Shall Not Be Referenced, JAKE.


Jake said...

To understand what the hell Chris is talking about, Google "2 Guys Buying Comics" and read the execerpt beneath. If you don't know the context, one might assume the site is proud to be "the place to go" for Sonic the Hedgehog porn.

As for the dirty, Spencer... you don't wash it off, you just learn to live in it.

And get dirtier...

Spencer Carnage said...

Sonic the hedgehog porn? You guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves.