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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Thank you, Great Curve

Recently, I've made a resolution to myself regarding my buying habits of comics. In an attempt to save up some money to buy me a guitar amp, I have decided on going to comic shop only once a month. True, its pure insanity on my behalf which has cause some discomfort for both my comic shop and my comic book buying comrade in arms Ryan, but I just had to do it. First I tried to slim down the monthlies in hopes of saving some cash, but I noticed my trade-or-two week spending habit was still killing my wallet. Add this to the fact that comics in general were pretty much not doing a damn thing to get me excited, with the exception of anything with Alan Moore's name on it, it became a decision that I was very glad I made. As interested waned in comics, so did my interest in what was coming out, being talked about, hyped, and hated on. Thankfully, I managed to keep at least one toe in the shallow end, or else I'd probably miss this:


Alan Moore: The Complete Future Shock TP

Hisham: A collection of Alan Moore’s early stories for 2000AD. Since his current comic book output has slowed down, I need to get my Moore fix wherever I can find it.
Muchos Gracias to people like the TheGreatCurve.net for having the need to express their opinions on what's coming out on the weekly basis for me to pick up on the things that I would have probably missed. Along with the new Astonishing, I just might have a reason to go to Earth-2 Comics a week early.

There's also talk on TheGreatCurve.net of a preview of Civil War that involves the New Warriors fighting Nitro over at PopCultureShock.com, which I believe is now BuzzScope.com, correct? Either way, I can't access those sites from the cubicle I'm currently behind, so I can't take a gander. Let's hope that this Civil War mess leads to a newly launched Nicenza/Bagley New Warriors comic book sometime in the next 12-18 months so we can finally forgive Marvel for that whole House Of M messy mess. That should be enough time for Bagley to break the Kirby/Lee record on FF and move on to a book that allows him to show his super hero drawing abilities once again, yes?

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kelvingreen said...

The Alan Moore Future Shocks are great, even better than this rather half-hearted "endorsement" suggests. Thoroughly recommended.