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Monday, March 06, 2006

As always, the face of the Robot Apocalypse is staring down at us. Sure, there are Spider-Slayers, which they "say" are going to be "used" for "space exploration", ie "World Domination." Recently, they unveiled the BigDog for use on the front lines to carry gear to troops. With its ability to hold up to 120lbs and move along at 3.3 miles per hour, I see a walking bazooka covered with fur just waiting to happen. No one is going to suspect Fido, that's for damn sure. They already have helicopter robots equipped with machine guns. What's next? Attack sharks? Robot Destructo Tanks?

Thankfully, the Japanese are a nation of nerds and instead of creating robots of mass destruction, they are creating robots for your aiport secretarial needs.

The very famous Japanese manga Gingatetsudo 999 or Galaxy Express 999 (on the same level as Captain Harlock (Albator)) featured Me-Teru as a hero, and here she is as a robotic receptionist at the airport of Kita-Kyushu (the home town of the manga-ka of this series, Matsumoto-San). this Me-Teru robot measures 1m70 and can respond to 200 airport releated questions.
[via Engadget.com]

How long do you think it'll be before an employee from Kita-Kyushu will be busted for Crimes Against Robo-Nature?


Chris said...

Dude, it's things like this that lead to Ultron.

In fact, if there isn't a Secret Origin of Ultron that shows Hank Pym building an v1.0 Ultron that functions as an airport secretary....well, there damn well oughta be.

Spencer Carnage said...

This is why we have the Ultimate Universe. So we can get these things right the second time around.