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Friday, March 24, 2006

Do you remember when I was all "Yo dwags, keep an eye out for Barry Windsor-Smith Appreciation week, its gonna be tight!"? Yeah, well, the 24th is here and not only did I get my dates wrong, I totally and completely unprepared, so, uh.....peep this shit!

- A brief little bit about Bill Mantlo's Hulk # 312 which was supposedly plagarized from BWS along with some pages from his work-in-progress Monster

- El Unofficial Barry Windsor-Smith blog En Espanol!

Right now, my life is in a chaotic upheaval involving prepping the new demos for my band's show tomorrow, helping The Girlfriend move, and setting up a production meeting that we're having this sunday for the movie I'm working on. Do you care? Yeah, probably not. I was hoping on kicking this thing off with Machine Man action, but that might have to wait until tomorrow. If not Tomorrow, well.....thursday? Until then, marvel and drool at the buxom angel with steel wings!

Now just imagine Poison's "Ride The Wind" is rocking out and this angel is up on your shit. Here, here are lyrics to help set the mood.

Hearts of fire
Streets of stone
Modern warriors
Saddle iron horses of chrome

Taste the wild
Lick the wind
Like something they never saw before
Their jaws dropping to the floor
Steel made of soul and sin

Rebels born without a care
And the day he listens
Only to fly where eagles dare
And the night she whispers

Ride the wind
Never coming back until i touch the midnight sun
Ride the wind
Never coming back again
Ride the wind
Never coming back until i touch the midnight sun

Painted flesh
Humble pride
Just as far as the eye can see

Stories told
Two old friends
Of battle scars and lonely bars
And nights the rain wouldn't end

Here's to withered eyes wearing gypsy smiles
And the day he listens
Here's to lovely ladies and a million miles
And the night she whispers


Ride the wind
I'm still the bravest soul in sin,
Burning till the night is done.


Of all the truths and lies
And stories of riders in the sky
They say only the bravest try
Where eagles and angels dare to fly

Man, I hope that cd is still in my car..

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