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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Do you know what is so great about March? Well, besides being the first month of the Roman Calendar as while as having the only holiday that combines pinching and getting drunk, it also home to.....

Barry Windsor-Smith Appreciation Week!

Yes, that's right! Barry Windsor-Smith Appreciation Week, which takes place during the final week of March, Saturday to Friday, the 25th to the 31st. Everyone who is anyone in comic book blogging must pay their respects the creative works of the British artist at least once for BWS's unforgetable and groundbreaking work in the field of comics. Whether it was launching the original Conan The Barbarian with Roy Thomas, writing and illustrating Weapon X in the pages of Marvel Comics Presents, or exploring his own creations(along with paying homage to the work of Jack Kirby) in the over-sized Barry Windsor-Smith: Storyteller, BWS's work is nothing short of brilliant. BWS was simply thee best at adding a real sense of beauty and grace to the world of swords, super powers and science fiction.

And what should we expect from "Barry Windsor-Smith Appreciation week?" Well, what I would like to see, in no particular order:

- BeaucoupKevin doing a Genius Cover Sunday of BWS covers

- Chris Sims having his mind blown

- Earth-2 Leigh photoshopping something hilarious and wacky with the pages of Weapon X about Wolverine getting a sex change

- David Campbell finding a good BWS fuck yeah moment

- Comics Should Be Good digging up some urban legend about BWS being the reincarnated soul of Aflons Mucha

- Dorian showcasing the homoeroticism from the Young Gods.

- Mike doing some post about a conversation he had with a fellow employee when Wildstorm Rising came out with the BWS bookends

- Jake doing some mash up of Olsen: Red Viking and Conan The Barbarian

- 2 Guys Buying Comics blogging about his hatred for which ever issue of New Avengers came in March because he got drunk and forget the whole thing

- Jog doing a very comprehensive run down of Barry Windsor-Smith: Storyteller

Etc, etc. Considering that its a week long event, I don't expect a post a day about BWS for the whole week. One post is enough for you to keep your blogging license. The only thing that I ask that everyone do is buy one BWS comic that you haven't read before(unless you're a lucky SOB and own everything he's ever done) and review it. And for all you a-holes out there that feel you're too good for BWS, well, may God have mercy on your soul.

So mark your calendars because from March 25th to March 31st, its Barry Windsor-Smith Appreciation Week!


Jake said...

Dammit, when I did my big quarterbox dive on Sunday I actually passed over some Conans.

Jog said...

I never have been able to find those last few issues of Storyteller...

Hmmm - actually, this is the perfect chance for me to go over Archer & Armstrong (just completed my #0-12 set the other week... actually, BWS didn't do every one of those issues, but close enough). Ok then, my calendar is marked.

Spencer Carnage said...


Please, please, please, please make it so. Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please!


Thank you, Jog. Let's take this chance and edujamacate some fools!

Chris Sims said...


Let's see what I've got in my Conan trades...

Mikester said...

Actually, I have a good Barry Windsor-Smith-related story I told on my site early on...I'll rerun it for the occasion!

Chris said...

I've actually got a post ready to go for 2GBC about BWS' kickass issue in (natch) Essential Avengers 5, so I'll just tuck that little puppy away until BWS week!

Earth-2 Leigh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
gorjus said...

That Medusa pin-up is so, so cool! I've never seen it before.

Spencer Carnage said...


http://somethingicwaes.blogspot.com/ Its a spanish blog with a lot of stuff that I've never seen before.