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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blogger-related frustrations:
If I ever had a nemesis, it would be Blogger's ability to place photos in your post that fug up your sidebar like crazy...

Comic book related news:
Today is my foray back into the comic book-a-rifficness that is Earth-2 Comics in Van Nuys and I must say that I'm a bit excited, considering its a been a month. See, 2006 came along and kicked me in my comic book nuts, along with a few other not-so-nice places. So, I took a step back. I became modest with my comic book intake and decided to re-evaluate the way I read comics as well as the way I spend money on comics. After a month or so, nothing has really changed, except for how much I spend. I'll be buying crappy New Avengers and Mr. Miracle and be all "curse you, stupid comics!" to the skies above. Astonishing X-men will be on my pull list and I'll get all miffed when it doesn't come out as quick as I want it to. The Starman trades will stare at me, enticing me to buy while I grunt through gritted teeth about the lack of their ability to wow me with that last arc in Space. Animal Man will look at me all sad and sullen, wondering why oh why must you spend your cash on those inferior comics when the goodness is here, baby, right here!

Withouth the weekly trip to the comic shop, its like I got a part of my life back. All the Crisis Civil War crap is just a siren's song, calling me into the foggy mists, saying "hey, this route is that much safer and faster and look, boobs!" when I know slow and steady will win the race everytime. Its really weird, but not too long ago, I was ready to stop reading comic books and comic blogs altogether and search out something new. Turns out, all I need was a nice little break.

But damn it, I'm coming back, and Darron, you better have stocked up on that licorice.

Non-comic book related news:
I, along with Secret Wars drummer extraordinaire Ryan Adams, have taken upon ourselves the awful, thankless task of trying to produce our friend Sam's movie, which under our care, should be a complete and total disaster. Boshe moi. Although I don't know exactly what "produce my movie" really means, I'm sure it should be gut wrenching, considering all the other things going on in my life like the soon-to-be hectic work schedule, thee ever increasing consumption of my life that is the band, and The Girlfriend. Oh, and the blog. Can't forget about that. Expect to hear frequent updates as we try to our best to deal with this beast, along with pleas to send donations to a paypal account and buy whatever crap we try to hawk on ebay in our feeble means to raise as much money as possible.

The movie's called Miss May. Its gonna be the Commando for the class of 2007, but you know, without guns or governors.

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