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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Funnie Pages, March 10th, 2006.

The week in comic book blogging comedy...

Jamawalk over at Mylar prompts us to the join the most exclusive of clubs out there...The Rob Liefeld Fan Club!:
What they shoulda done is had each "fan" send in a picture of their feet in addition to the entry fee. That way Rob could see what they look like and, god willing, someday learn how to draw one.
Chris from 2 Guys Buying Comics and Jake from Ye Olde Comic Booke Blogge show us what Marvel Previews In Hell would look like:
Pencils & Cover by JIM LEE

James Howlett has been many things --- samurai, secret agent, X-Man, software reseller, administrative assistant, driving instructor, plot device. But his job as a one-hour-photo developer proves to be his most challenging yet, when Daily Bugle shutterbug Peter Parker "swings" by for help with a tricky roll of film! Petey's no slouch with a negative, but Logan's the Best At What He Does --- something's gotta give! The most overprinted miniseries of the year rolls along!
Dave Campbell risks judgement from The Inter-Planetary Supreme Court for crimes against comic books. The defendant? You're "ironic" love for Power Man and Iron Fist:
Allow me to engage in a little bit of comic sacrilege: I have never been a big fan of Power Man and Iron Fist.

“Sweet Christmas!” you say, gasping. “But they’re so retro! Not only do I dig Power Man and Iron Fist, but I ‘get’ them in that ironic way that makes me cool.”
BeaucoupKevin gives the fans what they want

The Invincible Super Blog helps us to overcome the long, cold winter of waiting for an issue of Warren Ellis's Iron Man that we probably don't want to read anyways:
But now, Tony's sober, and when Stane blows up a couple of his friends for kicks, Tony decides that he's had enough... and he goes to the basement.

See, when other super-heroes like, say, your Ultimate Spider-Man types go to the basement for an hour, they're going to come out with puffy eyes and an empty box of Kleenex. But when Tony Stark goes to the basement, he's coming out with a brand new pair of Nuclear-Powered Underpants.

That's right.

Nuclear-Powered Underpants. No man can stand against their fury.
Mark Fossen makes me feel dumb for not going to the comic shop this week:
Another Friday, another installment of Bovine Ultraviolence.
"Cut the crap, Johns":
8. Enough with the veneration of Golden Age Lois. Some of us, you know, have actually read the stories she appears and know full well that she was a vicious emasculating witch. I will believe a man can fly; I will not believe that Lois's poop don't stink.

Let's not forget, Lana Lang is a total bitch as well

Enjoy your weekend!

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