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Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday is here and already I'm bracing for another weekend-less weekend. Tonight is my friend Sam's art show, The Matterhorn. He's the fellow in which the ages of 19 to 22, we hung out doing stuff like skateboarding, starting up crappy bands, thrift store shopping, arguing about vegetarian lifestyles, and listening to an assortment of hardcore, emo, and indie rock records. Now that I'm a few months shy from turning 27, our time is spent drinking beers(Sam's a lightweight) and talking about his new movie that I'm going to sell my left pectoral muscle to produce. A sidenote on the subject of movies, some of Sam's art shows up in Art School Confidential, which earns me some kind of scene points if only for the sole fact that there pictures on some digital camera out there some where with Sam and I innocently naked on it. The art show should be fun as there's been promises of powdered donuts and PBR. And its in Silverlake which means there will be hipsters of plenty to amuse and frustrate me while The Girlfriend gets rowdy drunk in a way that makes me both love and hate her at the same time. Its ok, because she's solely responsible for me having a copy of DC Universe: The Worlds Of Alan Moore. She tried to get me the Artic Monkeys and I was like, woah.

You can look at more of Sam's artwork here.

Saturday promises me a day off, but I won't be surprised if work tries to call me so I can "open title" and "be there for the team, bro." And once that finishes up, there are bathrooms to be cleaned, clothes to be laundered, and The Girlfriend to entertain. I hope to get started on the New Warriors blogging thing that I promised myself that no one in Samhain is going to give two shits about. And let's not forget Barry Windsor Smith Appreciation Week! And what is that you ask? That's a good question, little Billy! Barry Windsor-Smith Appreciation Week is where we come together and give our love and thanks to the God that is known as Barry Windsor-Smith! A master of the craft, BWS(that's we call him) doesn't get as much credit as he deserves, so we have decided that we are going to dedicate the last week of March, Saturday to Friday, the 25th to the 31st, to praising the glory that his and his alone. What YOU can do is pick up BWS comic.......read it......AND BLOG ABOUT IT! You don't have to do it all week long, but hell, one post should do the trick!

So, uh....yeah. BWS Appreciation Week. Its gonna be hooting and hollering. I got me some Machine Man action, two volumes of BWS: Storyteller, along with Rune sprinkled in here and there. There's other stuff, too. I'm really, really, really, really hoping for Earth-2 Leigh comedic insanity involving Weapon X, but I'll take a photoshopped Uncanny X-men cover, too.


Sunday's up in the air, which means I'll have to check with The Girlfriend and see what she's got scheduled. I'm hoping get at least 8 hours dedicated to Sam's movie and see Haram play the Alpine in Ventura, but that's probably all just wishful thinking.

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