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Monday, March 19, 2007

At the end of this post, there will be a test

Captain America is sad. Why?

A.) Spider-woman suffers from severe Scoliosis
B.) Spider-woman is bulemic
C.) The wings on his head are small and therefore unmanly
D.) His left eye is closer to his nose than the right eye
E.) Correct anatomy and composition is skill that is not necessary to become a fan-favorite comic book artist
F.) He is dead
G.) All of the above

No cheating!


SallyP said...

"G" I suppose. Also, he's probably wondering if THIS death is going to be any more final than all of the OTHER deaths he's had.

He and Jean Grey should get together.

Jason said...

He's probably also wondering how Spider-Woman's thighs can be bigger than her waist.

He's probably also crying because he fought so hard for his vinyl collection in the breakup with Tony, and now that he's dead, the bastard is going to get it any way. Tony will never understand Donna Summer like Steve does!

pachoob said...

C! the answer's C! he has bitch wings!

Spencer Carnage said...

It sounds like poetry when you frame it like that, Pachoob.

Jon Hex said...

Cap never died before.

And it's T.) He's wondering why Spider-Woman is following in his legacy seeing as they've only known each a month.

Jason said...

Perhaps the answer is "V". He's sad because he just found out that the "A" on his head DOES stand for France?

pachoob said...

upon further reflection, it could be R) he's looking down at the spicy 7-11 hot dog he just dropped on the sidewalk thinking, "fucking shit, man. that was a kickass chili dog, too."