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Thursday, March 22, 2007

You guys and gals get off easy today

I had this huge, idiotic rant all ripe and ready and decided against being that guy. Instead, you get a link or five:
Go on! Leave me alone already!


Jason said...

Spencer, now that you're internet famous, you must post huge, pointless, idiotic rants. It's in the contract, right next to where it states that you're doomed to die alone.

Thanks for the pimping, by the way. Now I'm on my way to internet fame! Woo-hoo!

Spencer Carnage said...

Brother, you do not want to see the rant I had. It involved the Sentry, feminists, and anti-ranting. 'Twas tre lame!

Earth-2 Leigh said...

Hey, thanks for noticing. GYCWO was great, by the way.

I might have to change from "Earth-2" to "Earth 2," now that you've made me aware that I could be Morrisonian and evil instead of old and whimsical. What a difference a hyphen makes. Well, a hyphen and a goatee.

Spencer Carnage said...

If you're rocking the facial hair, you HAVE to be evil now.