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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Do you think this 'A' stands for __________?!?!

Oooh. Now this seems a little exciting. It was about time someone offed that "old bird." Now the thing about death in super hero comics is that blah blah blah things never change, etc., etc., leaving us with the one important question:

Who gonna be the next guy to fight for our freedoms?! Let us take a look and see what the future may hold...

Punisher as Captain America
This is a no-brainer. I certainly do not expect any kind of lasting change in direction for the Punisher, however there is at least a story arc or two in the works. Throw in the fact that Fraction and Brubaker hold the Comic Book Highschool award for "Two Creators Most Likely To Spoon With Each Other In A Crowded San Diego Hotel Room" and its an absolute guarantee. It probably wouldn't be half bad, either.

The US Agent as Captain America
Its been done before so why not do it again? With Mr. Walker up in Canada as the US Agent, keeping tabs on them damn mounties, it probably safe to say that he will stay out of this one. And really, that is just old ground that we do not need to revisit.

The Winter Solder as Captain America
Another interesting possibility. It would help the Winter Soldier on his path of redemption as well as tap into the legacy aspect of his character. I personally feel it would be too soon as we are just getting to know this new Bucky. He will probably stay as the Winter Soldier for the time being.

The Falcon As Captain America
This would be so bitchin' wicked awesome kick ass hella duper cool because a black Captain America would rule so much for so many reasons that may or may not include a gazillion message boarders wigging the hell out over it. Please, Marvel. If anything, make Falcon Captain America. If there is one guy that would stand up and make sure the legacy of Captain America got handled like it properly should be handled, its the Falcon. Did I mention that he's like this with birds? Suit that dude up, put a bald eagle on this shoulder and drop his ass into the Red Skull's lair and you quite possibly have the best super hero comic book of 2007.

I am so not kidding about this one.

On a somewhat related note...

While perusing that issue of New Avengers where Luke Cage kicks that ninja girl in the hoo hoo, I noticed a panel where this new Ronin character talks to Echo(who is OMG! SPOILERS! deaf) while wearing his or her mouthless Ronin mask. Um.....how exactly does that happen? Its a nit picky thing, but when you make a point of showing Peter Parker pulling his mask up because Ms. Lopez is all deafness, how you expect me to believe that Ronin does not need to do the same? Its reasons like this that make me loss sleep at night, Mr. Brian Michael Bendissssssssss!


Jason said...

I'm definitely down with the Falcon as Cap (especially if he still rocks the 'stache). However, I would like to see Luke Cage take over for one issue, just to hear him shout "Sweet Christmas" in Cap's uniform.

But after looking at the choices, it's gotta be Bucky/Winter Soldier. It just fits too perfectly. Why else would they have brought him back? I hope this is good, as much as Civil War sucked, if they handle this arc right, it could be some of the best comics Marvel's published in a while.

Spencer Carnage said...

If its Bucky, he will have to work as a vigilante type hero. After all this CW nonsense, I can't see him working on Tony's side. Then again, maybe its part of his pardon.

"Hey, your buddy's dead. Wanna wear his costume?"

But yes, I imagine we'll have some pretty decent cap stories on our hands here.

Carla said...

Did Mr (or Ms!) New Ronin know she was deaf? Did he (or she!) sleep through the briefing on that one?

And yes, the Punisher is going to try it out. And yes, Falcon would make a kick ass Captain America... I just don't think Marvel has the cajones to pull it off.

Mark Question said...

Well, Echo also wrote an E-Mail to the blind(!!) Matt Murdock, so it's safe to assume that she has magical disability overcoming superpowers.. or something.

Oh and Falcon as Cap?
Totally awesome.

Spencer Carnage said...

I should start a Falcon-As-Cap campaign.

Jason said...

Re: Ronin/Echo. I just never understood why this character was being used as a spy. I mean, how does she listen in on a convrsation, even reading lips, she'd have to be looking straight at whoever was talking. The stupidity of this boggles the mind every time I think about it. AND I CAN'T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT BECAUSE IT IS SO STUPID.

Spencer Carnage said...

Stop making so much sense!!

Anonymous said...


Falcon as Cap would be amazing! spectacular! astounding! MIGHTY!

Please, please, please Marvel let this happen.