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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm going to APE!

I need to go. If there ever was a time to mosy on out of town for a weekend, it is now. If there ever was a good place to go, it would San Francisco for the Alternative Press Expo.

Anyone else going? Maybe someone that's local? If so, you wanna hang out? Maybe let me sleep over and keep you up late with my extensive knowledge of the Wildstorm Universe?

I want to go to this SOOO bad and it would be awesome to meet up with some new people along the way. If you want to bring some sunshine to this redhead's life, please email me at
spencercarnage@gmail.com and we can work some shit.

First 3 beers are on me!


pachoob said...

i live in the city and plan on going, so if you make it up you're more than welcome to crash on my couch.

Spencer Carnage said...

Thanks, pachoob. I might have a friend in tow. I may also stay in San Jose with some other friends. don't really know yet. Either way, we should hang out at the convention. I'll email you when I get a chance and we'll take it from there.