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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The results are in!

It is official. I have become Internet Famous.

No, not because I harped some dude's comic strip for my own. And not because I have such great taste in comics and can blog with the best them. Though those are all great things, they are not what it takes to become Internet Famous. The road to becoming internet famous is a tricky one. It involves lots of comment spamming, bloggable ass kissing, and linking, linking and more linking. Oh, let us not forget, a strong passion for the baddest dude to ever bring a skateboard to super hero fight. Ever.

Wikipedia has cited my Night Thrasher = Badical as a reference for the entry on the character. Yes, you read correct.




Spencer Carnage.

I think I'm going to head on over to the Girl-Wonder.org and use my newfound celebrity to see if any nerdy chicks wanna cyber with me. Ciao.


Jason said...

Dude, are you the one the declared Sinbad dead too?

I don't know whether to congratulate you or shudder in the knowledge that kids across America are basing their term papers on this "reference" source. Then again, if they're doing their papers on Night Thrasher, they can find no better source to learn of his utter radness and badness.

pachoob said...

10 dollars says any high school kid writing a paper on night thrasher still sucks his thumb.

and 20 dollars says for sure any high school kid writing a paper on night thrasher is a him. but juust barely.

Spencer Carnage said...

I can get you ten pages on Night Thrasher by next wednesday. You just MLA or APA format and its done!