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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Complete Terry And The Pirates

From the Beat:

Celebrating the centennial of Milton Caniff ’s birth, IDW Publishing will publish a fully authorized six-book series collecting the entirety of Caniff ’s groundbreaking newspaper adventure strip Terry and the Pirates. The Sunday pages will be reproduced in their original color, alongside the daily black-and-white strips.

No cartoonist has so heavily influenced his medium as has Milton Caniff, and no comic strip has had more imitators than Terry and the Pirates. He is considered the great American novelist of the comics medium.

It comes with a hefty price tag of $49.99. That is a lot of comics right there. I have read a wee bit in the Comics Strip book, however, I am not entirely sure if I am $49.99 ready. There are those Steve Canyon books that I could start with. If Steve Canyon turns out to be good, maybe I can re-consider this "No Selling Internal Organs On The Black Market To Fund My Comic Reading Habits" policy.

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Jason said...

Keeping in mind that $50 retail translates into $30 at amazon, I'll be picking this up (or at least putting a the top of the ol' birthday list).

Besides, you only need one kidney. Granted, I'm holding onto both of mine to trade in for a new liver in a few years.

Spencer Carnage said...

When comparing the prices at places like Amazon and instocktrades.com, it makes a lot harder for me to support my LCS. But you can't beat 35% off, now can you.

How much do you think I could get for one slightly used testicle? They got markets for those, right?