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Monday, March 05, 2007

Links For You To Click!

I haven't had the chance to get any scans done this past weekend, therefore I'll pass on some links for you to enjoy.

  • Isotope, the best comic shop I've never been to, has an eight page preview of Italian cartoonist Gipi's painted Garage Band graphic novel from First Second books. The scans are not the best, but its enough to get me interested. As someone who has played in a garage band in one form or another for the past 9 years, this will definitely get a review from me. If anything, just to dispel the myth that playing in a band does NOT guarantee you copious access to girls' private parts.

  • His name is Joseph Bergin, the 3rd and his comics are hilarious. 1 to 4 panel gags that just burst with creative wit and style. Even when Bergin's on a bad day, he's good. If you hate stupid Livejournal, you can see some of his other stuff at his website.

  • Today's Inspiration is a great illustration blog focusing on art from the 40's and 50's, that is worth a look.

  • Brian + Spider-man Toys = Ha!

  • Best. Post. Ever. Really, though. Suck it up and get back to posting, already!

  • And here's some music for you to listen to: SOUND Team and fields. Their websites are a mite bit atrocious, but the jams are gooooooooood. SOUND Team has this semi-80s vocal vibe going on that really hits the right spots for me. Kind of like Oingo Boing/Bauhaus-ish, but with a little bit of grizzle to it. Listen to "Born To Please" and hopefully it will move you in the right places. As for fields, that's some straight wuss rock. Jangly folk guitars combined with drum machines, keys, male and female vocals and tales of sad, sad woe made me fall in love. "Brittlesticks" should bring the wuss right out of you.

Updating might be a bit sporadic the next few days for various boring reasons. Try not to jump off any cliffs or anything.


Jason said...

Thanks for the links. The Spider-Man figures will haunt my dreams.

The music was good stuff, the fields was a little too-wuss for my usual taste, not quite noisy enough. Might I suggest The Franks & Walters or Voxtrot? Two very excellent indie pop bands.

Spencer Carnage said...

wait, too wussy? I could have sworn I saw The Decemberists in your favorite music section of your blogger profile. I thought the fields would be right up your alley. I'll check out the two bands you mentioned once i get in front of a computer with some broadband.

Jason said...

Did I say Decemberists? I meant Dio. See, easy mistake.