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Monday, August 07, 2006

Because You Demanded It!

Spencer Carnage takes you into the not too distant future to show you....

Black Panther # 102!

Black Panther proposes his strict, new educational reforms regarding mandated school uniforms to the Wakandan General Assembly, much to the dismay of Ororo! Wanting to use the "open hand" technique of teaching that she learned from Professor Xavier and allow the youth to wear whatever they like, Storm denounces T'Challa's proposed changes in front of the whole nation. Convinced that the Black Panther is unfit to lead, Storm challenges him to a fight for control of Wakanda! Who will win?! Who will lose?! This is the spousal argument of the century! Plus, in this issue, witness the return of Storm's punk rock mohawk that was made so popular in Uncanny X-men years ago! Spousal Abuse 1 of 12

Does making jokes about Storm and Black Panther getting into a marital feud make me a bad person?

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