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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Indestructible Art # 38

Another week, another episode of Indestructible Art. 

This one gets a little silly. The past two episodes saw one member missing from the show so having us all back in the same room together must have brought something out of us. I actually forgot to post last week's episode which had my friend Tony filling in for me but you already know that because you're totally subscribed and up to date with these things, right? 


This episode we talk at ya about Marvel Now, the cloud gaming service Gaikai, the EU Court decision on reselling digital content, and something or other about a Scott Snyder doing something with the Joker. Other stuff, too. Plus, you get to hear us sing Wu-Tang, the Cranberries and Iron Maiden. Like I said, it's a silly episode. 

Me & the rest of the IA crew.

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