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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Are you scared yet?

Because you should be! That is a good damn Spider-Slayer if I ever saw one.

Courtesy of Engadget.com:
We've heard tell of NASA's Spidernaut, a large robot designed to service spacecraft, but after finally seeing it in action we're not so sure humans are fully prepared to battle against robots in the coming rebellion -- this thing is pretty hardcore. Supposedly its current incarnation is only 1/4 of the final size, but the target is a 600 pound robot that can distribute weight evenly over its eight legs to avoid damaging the skin of the spacecraft or for scurrying across solar panels. NASA is even looking into a "web" deployment system for the bot, in which case we're hiding the women and children and locking the doors.

I second that notion, Engadget.com. That thing is one pissed off AI temper tantrum away from rising up and destroying its maker. Considering that the picture above is only 1/4 of the final size that NASA is shooting for, I suggest you all click on over to Bloomsbury.com and pick up a copy of Daniel H. Wilson's How To Survive A Robot Uprising like, um.....yesterday. We don't even need an evil Artificial Intelligence to set that thing off. If what they've been saying about Nasa's troubled future comes true, all it will take is one disgruntled ex-NASA employee to push a couple buttons to unleash a legion of real life Spider-Slayers while he launches himself into the safety of the last great frontier with only a retired simian cosmonaut at his side to keep him company. With no Spider-man around to save us, we are certainly fucked every which way but nice.

And don't expect a bolt of lightning to come down, granting these things an inquistive and friendly personality like Hollywood's beloved Johnny 5. That is not a butterfly or a maple leaf. Those are your bloody innards splayed about.

UPDATE: I'm currently contemplating the future of this meager little blog. The options? Keep on keeping on like I have been doing, posting here and there when the occassional stupid thought strikes me OR capitalizing on my new fond love of reading various different technology and gadget sites by taking those thoughts that pop into my head about what the practical application of some new wonderous device would have in the realm of vigilante justice. Seeing how I've cut my visits to the comic shop down drastically for a number of reasons that I don't really care to bore you with, coming up with "snarky" commentary on comics has been in slow reserve lately. And considering the eventual end to the current slow pace of work that has blossomed this new found interest in technology blogs, I can't say how much I'll be able to keep up on that end of things, well.....we might have a little bit from Column A and Column B. But what about Column X? That weird random thought about whatever the fuck comes to mind? Well, we might have more of that, too. Who knows.

While I contemplate the fate of Of Course, Yeah!, here's a blog about a guy who plays video games with Grandma: Old Grandma Hardcore It is so splendidly wonderful that I can't even begin to describe how much sadder the world will be when the day comes that God comes down and takes Timothy St. Hilaire's Grandma back up to Heaven. I definitely recommend reading about her experiences of playing Prince Of Persia 2, linked on the sidebar. Es muy bueno.


thekelvingreen said...

Have you ever seen Runaway, the low-budget Bladerunner ripoff starring Tom Selleck and One Of The Blokes From KISS?

Because The Bloke From KISS has a bunch of killer spider robots that look just like that one. Except they were tiny and injected acid into people.

Spencer Carnage said...

The future is Now, Kelvin. Its just a damn shame that its based off of a cheap sci fi flick like Runaway.