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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Enlist or Die!

BeaucoupKevin has this new forum and in that forum, he has started The Comic Book Club. What is The Comic Book Club? Its a place where we pick a comic book and discuss it. Pretty nifty, huh. Right now we got the first six issues of Watchmen set up to be dissected and discussed. I think I am out of the running on that one because someone bored my trade and never gave it back! There's a poll on the next book we are going to talk about with DMZ currently in the lead. I am not a big fan of DMZ, BUT it should be an interesting discussion that will hopefully not degenerate into me calling everyone else tasteless monkey rapers. Of Course, Yeah! favorite Jason has signed up. Why don't you?


Jason said...

one of us...one of us...one of us...

I was hoping we'd do Ode to Kirihito, I've gotta grab a copy of that y'all make it sound so good.

Spencer Carnage said...

Do it. Its good stuff, for sure.