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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Super huh?

Its been, what, a week? Sorry, mis amis.....been straying away from the super hero funny books, trying to get up on the smarty arty tip! You heard correct! I'ma talking about Original Graphic Novellas! Capeless genre excursions! Dirty, ugly crime noir and French Science Fictions! Even Manga! Books with bare boobs in 'em!


Its a breathe of fresh air. Let me tell YOU. Right now, I could give two shakes of a lamb's tail about the death of the Living Legend, Captain America. I'll pour my footy out for ya, dawg, but I don't need to pay you no nevermind just because Marvel wants to sell some books!

I have traveled to a world where teenage sex can rearrange your DNA! I stood next to private dick, Jacob Marlowe, while he beat goons up and spit mysognistic game on dames! I was there to witness some drama on the cliff, German stylee!! Like some sick, fetishistic voyeur, I watched Anders Nilson's life fall completely apart!! I traded blows with the Itto Ryu!!!!

I can't tell you how much more I have enjoyed my comic book reading experience when it doesn't involve allusions to Captain America not really being dead or neo-fascoheroism. I think its safe to say that it has affected my blogging a little bit, especially when you stop to consider that I am only good at blogging when it involves some facet of the Marvel U. that I dislike.

Don't worry, though. I'll still be hating! What's the point of being 1 of 6 Marvel bloggers if you ain't gonna complain about it!? Just bear with me, Fearless Readers! I may have been busy lately, but I still be around. I still gotta show you all how the Beyonder parties!

Stay tuned!


Jon Hex said...

Any cosmic being who wears a velvet suit and rocks a perm must party HARD.

Spencer Carnage said...


Amen. I see that you came out of a little hibernation there. Are we suffering from the same battle fatigue quite possibly? I still love my Marvel, but mostly crap lately.

Now Black Hole....that's a good book.