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Monday, October 23, 2006

I write stuff so you can read it at work while shirking your obligations to your place of employment. Great, huh?

We have success, my friends. Not only did Blogger let me post a picture, but Spencer Carnage has also managed to purchase the debut album from the Annuals, Be He Me, for a grandoise price of $10.71 from Salzer's in Ventura, California. Yes, I got it on sale because I'm a smart shopper with impeccable style and taste. Here's a little run down of the events that transpired in my travels:

Days spent looking for the CD: 4
Stores that I went to before I found it: 10
Actual number of independent record stores that I went to: 3
Profanities muttered while driving in traffic to and fro: 19
Friends that I turned on to the Annuals last week: 3
Number of those same friends that were turned on to the Annuals because they heard it while they were stoned: 2
Vegan dishes that I ingested during the course of my pursuit: 4 (Mary's Secret Garden in Ventura is pure delight!)
Times I contemplated putting up a mock Craig's List singles ad in hopes of trading full use of my sexual faculties(females only, please!) for an unopened copy: 6
Packs of cigarettes needlessly sucked down to kick start my coping mechanism: 9
Time spent in my local comic shop trying to fill the empty void in my heart: 45 minutes

When I found the CD at Salzer's, I almost grabbed the nearest person to me(which was the male cashier) and almost kissed them. For some weird, brief second, I had felt like I walked into some cheesy teenage movie and I was fulfilling some minor subplot, second only to me getting the girl. However, I didn't kiss anyone and girls are yucky things that I only tolerate for superficial reasons so that feeling faded fast. Ok, I tolerate you ladies for non-superficial reasons, too, but its a small pie slice on the large pie graph that I use to chart our run ins with each other.

- Don't be dumb like, Spencer! Buy it online at Ace Fu Record's website! While you're at it, listen to the free mp3s!

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