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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its like a message board post, minus the animated GIF of some wobbly boobs

Time for me to weigh in some things, because really, that's what this whole blogging is about: Cramming my idiotic opinions down your throat, you sexy comic blogging reading bunch, you!

Warren Ellis on Thunderbolts!

First thoughts? Wait for the trade. Actually, wait for the reviews. Taking a dip in DC's pool of ideas, Marvel gives us a book that Thunderbolts was practically made for. Psychotic Marvel Villians being utilized in a Suicide Squad-esque fashion as they take on superheroes gone rogue and other villians is great fodder for four color entertainment. If there ever was a writer that was perfectly suited for the premise, its definitely Warren Ellis. Although Warren is an immensely talented writer, his dialogue for mean SOBs is a bag tricks that I've seen and grown tired of. I doubt his work on Thunderbolts will do anything to change my superior opinions on all of that. And Deodato? Do you people really think he's that good? Really?

And good ol' Fabian.....well, at least he gets to finish up his plot lines with a mini-series focusing on Zemo, but that's it for him and the T-Bolts. I'm a bit new to the series, thanks to the Civil War Tie-ins that I enjoyed and I was looking forward to picking up the back issues along with adding it to my pull(whenever I get back on that train), but what can you do. Thankfully he's still on Cable & Deadpool which I really, really like. Yes, I too can't believe I just blogged that out loud.

New Wildcats preview

This is beautiful. Grant Morrison captures perfectly what the Wildstorm universe was about before his arrival and gives us a great glimpse into what's to come next. I simply can not wait. Wildcats started off as an X-men cover band that went through a few member changes, all to no avail. I like the idea that Morrison is going to take it back to its roots, derivative as they may be, all while including Joe Casey's recent attempt at it, and simply do it better. And his concept for Authority is just as great. Taking the Elephant out of the Wildstorm Room and putting it in the real world of today gives the rest of the Wildstorm U room to breathe.

(awkward silence)

Why does my mind work like this?

It would have been nice if he threw in some of the b-list heroes that cameoed(sp?) in Sleeper on that last panel of the two page spread. Once again, why does my mind work this way? Please submit your answers to the comments section below, thank you.

Yes, that's all I really have to say about anything new going on in comics. Great, huh?

What's else is going on guys? How you been? I know, I know, you missed me and my nancy boy shenanigans. We missed you, too. I finally listened to the podcast from AboutHeroes.com with Chris from 2 Guys Reading Comics. Chris is his usual intelligent, funny self with 7 other people, some with some smart things to say, others not so much. What's with the guy who says he's going to stop buying comics because he didn't like Civil War # whatever?
You're actually going to let a crappy comic keep you from enjoying other comics that are good? If I could have called in when I heard that, I would have.

Someone please put me on a podcast with this guy so I can tell him that yes, what you just said is idiotic and the tongue lashing I'm about to give you is on that you've probably should have received during childhood because that is where those foolish notions belong. You, the speaker, are probably a fine, upstanding young gentleman, but what you just said is grounds for a smack across the face with a glove. You sound like a dumb ass. If Ford makes a crappy car, do you stop driving? If Pizza Hut puts out a pizza that you don't like, do you stop eating altogether? If someone says something that you don't like to hear do you give up on communicating with other people? The anonymity of the internet allows for you to say some pretty stupid shit. Through the use of an online persona, you can openly tell the world that you secretly fantasize about sleeping with the teleporting Inhuman dog, Lockjaw, without any fear of reprisal from family, friends and the local comic store you shop at because you're just another BatHombre0918xx to us. You can't do that in real life. You could, but please.....don't. Just quietly step away from the comic books and we'll let you leave with your dignity intact. Its that simple.


Anonymous said...

Stop reading ALL comics because of Civil War? Not buying Civil War? Reasonable and in fact, encouraged. Don't buy what you don't like. Not buying Marvel? Okay, a little strong but since Civil war is dictating the new status quo at Marvel, it still gets your point across. But all comics?

Hate the player, not the game.

Evilomar said...

I believe it was Dan that made that comment in our podcast. I don't agree with him, because that is the beauty of our podcast...sometimes we agree on things and sometimes we are on complete opposite ends. Now, this time, I can agree to an extent on what he said. I myself, left comics behind after the whole Onslaught mess fucked with my head and it was a damn perfect time to quit reading. I didn't get back until 2002 and have often wondered why I even bothers sometimes with some of the books I pick up. Comics, like everything else has ups and downs. Sometimes it takes small things like this to make you quit reading comics all together. I know a couple of people that had been reading comics for 30+ years that just stop reading after Spider-man (Sin's Past). There comes a time when you see enough of your favorite character getting butchered and just say fuck it...I give up. I don't think it was a dumbass thing to say, just his opinion and we all have our own. By the by, if you want to be on the podcast to tell him off, by all means please email me: omar@aboutheroes.com we'll get you on and you can tell him how you feel and use your pizza hut theory.