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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Get Your Civil War On # 2

(clicking pictures makes them bigger and more legible)

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Unknown said...

Haw! These are great! Did you do them?

Anonymous said...

These are full of awesome. Please keep this up!
Come tomorrow, we'll need 'em.

Spencer Carnage said...

Brian: Yep. While everyone else was out Christmas shopping last month, I was photoshopping and writing tasteless jokes about Civil War 6 months too late.

Carla: Thank you. I probably have another week or so of this to tend us over until issue 6.

Anonymous said...

cool heroes? pro reg? where? i certainly didnt see it. all i saw was a lot of dissenters, a lot of neutrals, and tony got the leftovers. and then when you read the individual titles, almost all his crew are like "i know i regged but i dont like it and kinda wish i could take it back".

Anonymous said...

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