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Monday, January 29, 2007

A little something that makes you both happy and sad at the same time...

Happy! :)

Finding a random copy of Hiroaki Samura's Blade Of The Immortal: Food one shot on the bookshelf in my living room.

Sad... :(

The same issue of Blade Of The Immortal was damaged to all holy Hell. Haven't you roommates ever heard of a bag and board?

Getting your roommates to read comics. What an interesting task. Not that I feel the need to force comics on other people, its just that I enjoy them so much that I only wish to share them with the world at large. So far, the only luck I have had in that department at the current house I am living at is with Roadstrips, a travel anthology comic. Jim, the resident beer drinking, dirt bike riding, half coyote-dog owning housemate read a little bit of it on the can and commented on how he enjoyed it. Other than that, graphical novellas get no love.

Is your house like this? Do the ones in your house that leave copious amounts of dirty dishes and drink your alcohol without asking also spurn comics?

Ahh. If the way you treat Blade Of The Immortal is any indication of your disrespect towards the artform, I don't WANT you reading my comics anyway!


Jason said...

I remember in college wanting to kill my roomate for destroying the first issue of Preacher to kill a bee that almost stung him while he was on the toilet. My fault for leaving it in the bathroom reading pile. Once I got married and realized that I would never be able to get my wife to read them I was forced to create other comic fans for my household. Now, my four year-old is addicted to Justice League and hpefully, by the time he's five, he'll be able to bag and board comics efficiently. I;m currently working on my one-year-olds first words being "Civil War sucks".

Spencer Carnage said...

You, sir, are my new cyber-bestfriend. But yeah....Preacher # 1? Ouch. My worst experience was my when my cat knocked over a glass of water on to some issues of Stray Bullets, which included a sign copy of # 1. After that, I just kind of stopped caring as much as I did. I still care, but not FREAK OUT care.