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Monday, January 15, 2007

Get Your Civil War On - Delayed!

We appreciate everyone's response to Get Your Civil War On over the past few days. We are almost at the finishing line and we just can not wait until we show you all how these things pan out. And let me tell you: you have never SEEN anything like this. Once this is done, the Of Course, Yeah! Marvel U will changed. For-ever. Unfortunately, we are running into some delays with our artist. He strained his hand playing Zelda on his new Nintendo Wii which has forced us to push the release date back. Unfortunately this delay doesn't just affect Get Your Civil War On. The release dates of Punisher War Blog, The New Thunderbolts: Justice Through Nippleclamps, and Civil War: Hack and Slash have been pushed back as well.

We thought about bringing in fill in artists, however we do not want to damage the artistic vision of the story, especially one that is as important as this. Just imagine if they replaced the artist on Penny Arcade, PVP and Dinosaur Comics? At one point or another these webcomics suffered a hiatus due to unforseen complications, forcing their creators to delay publication. If the Penny Arcade had to resort to using Alien Loves Predator for fill in, its safe to say that the overall quality of the webcomic would have suffered. We're looking at the long term picture here and we ask that you all be patient. Get Your Civil War On has been an amazing story for us here at Of Course, Yeah! and know that when the next issue comes out, you will absolutely forget the fact that you waited several days to read it.

With that being said, we are proud to announce two new series spinning out from the events of Get Your Civil War On. The first one we would like to announce is House Of Forever Yesterday! We don't want to go into too many details, but we do want to say this: The Scarlet Witch is back. And so is Mark Bagley. If there were two things that we here at Of Course, Yeah! were looking forwarded to the most its Wanda and Mark. We're anticipating that House Of Forever Yesterday will be a huge hit amongest the fans. If not for the delays on Get Your Civil War On, the House Of Forever Yesterday would not have been possible. The second new title to spin out of Get Your Civil War On that we would like to announce is.....Get Your Secret Wars On! Taking you back to the days of the Beyonder, Tony and Steve discuss all the huge changes that happened in the legendary Secret Wars I & II....over the phone! Its going to be great. The fans have been clamoring for the return of Beyonder for awhile and we here at Of Course, Yeah! have replied by doing just that.

Its an exciting time here at the Blog Of Idiocy! Stay tuned and you will not be disappointed! Excelsior!


Marc Burkhardt said...


But I am miffed that Punisher War Blog will be delayed!

Anonymous said...


More Civil War bashing. Must be a nice bandwagon since EVERY blogger has jumped on it now. That's fine and the sales continue to show that the majority of the buying public disagree.

Spencer Carnage said...

Fortress Keeper:

Thanks, dude. As for PWB, it should be up in a few. Stay tuned


Its a joke, duder. Don't stress it too much. I actually enjoy certain parts of Civil War very much, however one can't help but point out some of its serious flaws. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

I understand it's a joke but I've just gotten tired of hearing it. Every blogger has done nothing but takes shots at Civil War while it continues to outsell every other title on the shelf. Don't worry though...I'll still visit..and even occasionally laugh...but only when nobody's looking.