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Monday, June 25, 2012

Ed Brubaker leaves Captain America

Ed Brubaker talking with Tom Spurgeon over at The Comics Reporter, let us know that he's done with writing Captain America:
By the time this interview comes out, I will have written my last issue.
Is Captain America still good? From what I gleaned from the sidelines, it became mostly meh when Steve Rogers was killed. I do love me some Criminal which I have collected randomly in trade. The only thing that keeps me from having all of them is the fact that when I'm confronted by a bunch of Criminal trades at my local comic shop, I always forget which trades are the ones that I already own.

As Bleeding Cool points out, Brubaker leaving Captain America is by far the least most interesting discussion in the interview, as inevitable subject of Creator Rights and Before Watchmen rears its ugly head:

But the thing that really bugged me was when Watchmen was announced it was, coincidentally, that same summer the entire industry rallied around Jack Kirby against Marvel. It was the era of the “Creator’s Rights Revolution” and DC really used Watchmen at the time. Part of the PR was that it was creator-owned, that these guys would get this property back. DC used it to position themselves against Marvel as the more creator-friendly company. 
I was at the San Diego Comic-Con the year that Alan Moore was there. I saw him talk about Watchmen and what a revolutionary thing it was that they’d gotten this deal for it. Part of it felt like a promise to the industry that things were changing. That this was different. And so while the book never went out of print and they never got their ownership, I always felt that on some level Paul Levitz seemed to respect the spirit of the deal: that they had created this thing and while DC officially owned it, Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons had moral ownership of it, at least.

I really miss Paul Levitz.


Anonymous said...

Actually, it became mostly meh when Steve Rogers returned in my opinion. I didn't want to like Bucky being brought back, but the story was fun and interesting and Bucky as Captain America was one of the only interesting stories woven through the yearly crossovers Marvel can't seem to make interesting. If you are a Captain America fan and a fan of his supporting cast at all the post-Rogers issues are great.

Spencer Carnage said...

Good, I'm glad to hear it. I read everything up until Steve Rogers was killed and fell off a couple issues after. I'm definitely going to pick it up because Brubaker's Captain America was one of the best comics on the stands at the time. I'm also hearing good things about Winter Soldier, too.

More money to spend on comics! Yay!