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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm still here, friends. It's slow going when it comes to me sitting down and typing up how I feel about these comic books that have us by our heart strings, but don't think that I have forgotten.

I dropped $100 on an OVER-SIZED Moebius slip-cased hardcover the other day. I'm afraid to pull the shrink wrap off of it for fear of falling into a deep, dark place that'll take WEEKS for me to pull myself out of. To also further my street cred, I'm gonna brag / complain about how my book shelf broke the other night, crushing under the weight of Anders Nilsen's 658 page Big Questions, a Habibi hardcover, and a bunch of random issues of Giant Robot and Idn. If that isn't hardcore enough for you, then I can't do anything for you, my friend.

I'm still reading Avengers Vs. Xmen. How could I not? Avengers Vs. Xmen introduced us to the Cap Punch. Never before have so many talented creative minds come together to deliver something so blah. Thanks to the Cap Punch we can pinpoint the exact moment when we turned on our backs on the notion of this thing being any good.

And the Walking Dead. Am I the only one who thinks that Kirkman's writing, although technically proficient, is emotionally flat? 4 trades of my life given to that series and not once did I ever find myself caring for those people. The dramatic moments when a zombie attacks a character started to get boring and dull halfway through the 2nd trade. I really enjoy both Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard's work but they are not good at drawing zombie attacks. 

Sorry. The Walking Dead is uber-popular right now so I keep getting reminded of the $50+ spent on that series back in 2008.

You know what would be a good book? Remender and Opena on Astonishing Avengers. That would be a damn fine book.

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