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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Batman to visit Simi Valley's new mall

Can Gotham weather a weekend without the Dark Knight? Looks like they'll have to, according to local Simi Valley newsletter, the Simi Valley Acorn, Batman will be visiting the small Ventura County suburb to appear at the opening of its first mall.
"Batman will be in the children’s department from noon to 4 p.m. Sat., Oct. 29. Customers are encouraged to bring cameras."

Local Simi Valley DC fan boy and drummer for the punk rock band, Secret Wars who asked to be identified as "Chaka" was excited:
"This will be great! I'm so excited! Batman is awesome! Did you get the new Batman Begins movie on DVD?! Its astonishing! I can't wait to see him in real life! Yes!"

When asked what he was going to purchase at this new Mall, "Chaka" said that he was going to pick up some more of that Sex In The City perfume for his girlfriend. "Chaka" was probed further about the Batman Begins movie and its placement in the existing Batman movie echelon, to which he started to use profranity and walked away.

However, not everyone in Simi Valley is excited to see the Batman dealing with kids. Reeling from September's allegations that the Batman's sidekick was physically coerced into joining Batman in his path of vigilante justice, one partent had these words to add:
"That Batman is a menace! He's only here to try and recruit more sidekicks! I mean, what kind of person puts on a bat costume and dances on rooftops with little children?! Its a travesty!"

Curious to see how Gotham City was going to deal with its hero being busy opening malls instead of continuing his war against Gotham's seedy underworld, GCPD Detective Montoya had this to say:
"And stay out!"

In addition to Batman's appearance, mall customers will receive a 15 percent discount e-certificate for Alaska Air Lines with any $35 purchase in the store.

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