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Monday, October 17, 2005

things of note

* Girls are kicking the doors down in our little comic book world, much to the dismay of snarky comic book fans. My thoughts? Nothing wrong here. Not a super huge fan of the writing style Johanna Stokes chose for her first time out, but you really can't fault a girl for calling you an idiot for trying to shove the Avengers down your girlfriend's throat. Maybe everyone's just mad because she got a job writing zombie comics...?

* However, she is not the only girl to the scene that I have noticed lately(apparently she started bitching about the wolverine wall paper in our club house back in July. I'm a little slow with things.) There's Kamikaze Girl at SilverBulletComics.com who is pretty funny, well versed in the funny books, and attractive, even if she looks like a crazy ex of mine. My observations of the female gender contributing to the super hero group internet thought is not all encompassing, so please forgive whatever shortsightedness I have exhibited in advance. Hell, enlighten my ass.

* My girlfriend currently has my copy of my Stray Bullets Volume One which probably sits by her computer, largely unread. I once tried to get her to read Alias, before I realized that Alias was really just Bendis'(and my) way of working out the girl drama. She got lost in the first issue with that whole Captain America video nonsense. She did like Enki Bilal's art though.

* Probably better than getting my girlfriend to read comics was the realization that a copy of Us Weekly works great for those moments when she's hanging out and all I want to do is read comics or surf the internet.

* Finally got around to reading the Goon. Only read the first few pages and dayum, son! Shit is deep! Maybe I should take another look at this Scott Pilgrim and Street Angel that all these bloggers be hyping even if the former's previews and the latter's one issue that I read really didn't do a damn thing for me.

* Neil Gaiman's American Gods, is having a hard time washing down my throat as the protagonist just stumbles from one weird situation to the next with out me giving so much as a damn about the whole thing, possibly stalling the rest of my Sandman reading experience(I'm on the 5th trade) for quite some time. I should just finish Chabon's The Adventures of Kavalier & Klay, which I really, really, really, really liked but just could not muster the strength that novels seemed to require from me a year ago.

* One last question: Would House Of M been any good had I never read an article online or in Wizard about it? No. No, probably not.

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Times infinity? Because someone can come along and trump your shit unless you throw that 'times infinity.'